Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Charlie Sheen is everywhere right now. He's done every talk show known to man, just joined Twitter to further get his grandiose message out there, and TMZ has liver lipid updates practically every half hour. I'm no expert, but this man seems to be in the throes of the spectacular heights of mania. It seems like a cycle- mania, whores, depression (one can only imagine), booze and coke. And now with the threats. Healthy men don't get their children taken away, folks. Not when the judge hands them over to your spouse in rehab and her parents. I feel really bad for those kids. They'll be in therapy by kindergarten. 

But, since we all love a trainwreck, here's the latest mash-up, courtesy of FilmDrunk. It is rife with lines destined to be classic, so snort your rail of Charlie Sheen. There's a new sheriff in town!

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