Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aniston, You Got READ

CNN's Showbiz Tonight pulls no punches in dissecting Jennifer Aniston's calculated media pushes ahead of the premieres of her movies. I bet she is just fuming into her bong right now.
I also bet you someone's publicist is getting an earful today, and that Megan Alexander chick needs to stfu with her pre-rehearsed Gerard Butler ass licking. That's some ET shit right there.
Anyway, it's pretty irrefutable evidence, if you care to watch.

Steve McQueen Has A Hot Grandson

Where did this boy come from and why didn't anyone tell me about him?

He is super hot, has the same name as his legendary grandfather and stars in The Vampire Diaries. Looks like I have some DVDs to rent this weekend...

Ho Time Again

I'm back.
I have been writing my little fingers off and have two recaps up at TVgasm. There's some good news to report as well. The website is getting a complete overhaul! Now you'll be able to comment with avatars and the number of smaller posts is going to increase dramatically. I will still be posting here, but more sporadically for a while. Once Drag Race starts I am going to be doing three recaps a week and that is an awful lot when you have carpal tunnel. I know, boo hoo, poor you.
Here is the link to read about Lynn's crappy parenting skills and Gretchen's big mouth-