Friday, June 24, 2011

Caption The Housewife, Nurse Cuntass Edition

Holy Plain Jane! Oh, and thanks for ruining the show for me, along with your brownterage of Sidney, Leather and Shill. I don't even want to call them brunettes. It feels like an insult to my russet tressed friends. The word brown just seems more appropriate, don't you think?

Mature Martha

Here's a soap commercial with a 15 year old Martha Stewart playing house with a much older man. She looks older, so I'm not creeped out by it. Not as much as I would be if she looked 15. Still, it's just another example of the inappropriate circumstances the biz has no problems putting young girls in. It's been going on forever, not just since 1956.

From World of Wonder

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Week In Weiners

This was quite the week for my favorite body part, and there is something for everyone after the jump. NSFW, DUH!

The Only Cult Chloe Belongs To Is One Of Personality

Don't make Chloe a Sister Wife. Please, God, NO! She'll start wearing Mom jeans un-ironically! 

Tom Ford, Fall 2011

Watching this almost makes me want to be pale again! ALMOST. I love the red and gold make-up, though on me it would look a tad, um....Tammy Faye. Anna Piaggi, IF I'm lucky. Your 40s aren't usually the right time to start experimenting. No eyebrow shaving or huge blonde hair for me. Those days are LONG gone. These days you will find me in a golf skirt and ponytail. In Fall- tights and sweaters. Bottoms are optional and depend on whether I am going out, or if Mr. McSlore is home.

I love his designs, always have. He's also HELLA hot. Voila:

Look at him being all queen-y in the front row of a fashion show. Oh my God, I love him so. He always has that tiny smile and you can just tell that he loves to share naughty stories and insider gossip, with the right people, of course. 

How I would love to be one of those people. We share the same birthday and both worked in the fashion biz. Does that count?

Happy Father's Day

To all those Dads out there, even if you only have dogs or cats or houseplants. That leaves out all of you in prison, and if you are, you aren't on my blog for Father's Day wishes. You are here for this

R.I.P. Clarence Clemons

He died of complications from a stroke in Palm Beach last night. So sad. He was an amazing talent and made Bruce Springsteen shows bearable. (sorry, not a fan)

This may be the best Star Spangled Banner performance ever.