Friday, March 19, 2010

Good Girls Finish Last

I don't honestly believe that. I'm just busy feeling really sorry for Sandra Bullock because of her cheating husband. She was good to his kids, works her butt off so you and I can enjoy the 9 bucks we shell out to see one of her movies, and she's the epitome of class. Have you ever EVER heard anyone say anything bad about her? From someone who wasn't a jealous cow?
The answer is no.
She even classed up the Razzie Awards by making light of herself with a wagon full of All About Steve DVDs. It couldn't have happened to a more sweet woman. So sad, BUT. But. To paraphrase something I read on Roger Ebert's Twitter- If you can't trust a biker named Jesse James after he leaves his pregnant pornstar wife for you, I don't know who you can trust.
I need a palate cleanse. Here's the wonderful Jason Bateman in a new movie trailer for the film he did with that Aniston wench. God, I hope she doesn't stink up the screen too badly.

And Nightowl from Watchmen is in it too. I might actually rent this at some point.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashionable Teabags

Since I'm always traipsing through my house in the latest couture gowns and fancy bejeweled frippery, these are simply a must! I'll save them for when Lady GaGa comes over for some Earl Grey in a fortnight's time, and we can sip from my fine china whilst stroking the dogs and giggling over boys, silly silly boys. Pinkies raised, of course!
(I don't know about the Donatella one, though. I'm worried that the tea will end up tasting like a big old coke booger)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mackenzie's New Look

She spent $50,000 on all her surgery with the intention of making the outside match how she's feeling on the inside. She looks better, no doubt about it and I hope she doesn't ruin it by going back to the drugs and alcohol. Now, if she could just quit smoking. Doing that might prove to be the hardest task of all. Good luck, Mack. I wish you well.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Twilight Zone Sketch

Jude Law hosted this week before SNL takes a month long hiatus, only to return with Tina Fey on April 10th. Then we get Betty White's long awaited Mothers Day show. I'm never awake so I get all my clips off the internet. This one wasn't too bad until the ending, which was stupid. Jude has the 50s acting style down pat and I love the Belushi-esque monster.
Now fucking start writing like you give a crap, SNL writers. I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there that would love to take your place.

And if you throw in Kristin Wiig's goofy actress and a Russian ballet dancer, I can'y help myself. I will watch.

Gabby Sidibe On The Soup

This is really cute. I love her. She sounds like your typical mallrat teenager but she has balls of steel. She seems to really enjoy her newfound fame and has fun with it without making fun of others or developing a huge ego. She's the perfect sleepover friend, plus a great interview at the Oscars. Never change.

And what in the hell is wrong with these queens? Did they take too much Amp before the show? I love a good queer but this is ridiculous. You'd think they just came out or something and have all this pent-up FABULOUSNESS that they have to express immediately. And the talking over each other has got to stop. I never liked it on The View, I hate it on The Housewives and here it seems forced and faux cheeky. VOM.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

McQueen Up Close

I cannot gush enough. I could never afford this and many would argue that in this tough economic climate, overpriced clothing is ridiculously behind the times. But this is ART. The Bosch printed fabric on the dress and matching purse? Love it, even if it does have a museum shoppe feel to it. I think that they should just get it over with and donate all of it to the Met.