Friday, September 24, 2010

OK Go and Puppies

This is one of those one take videos, like Here It Goes Again with all the treadmills, only with PUPPIES. It's all kinds of awesome. AND they are great live. we saw them at Bonnaroo and the energy was through the roof. It was one of those surprises that are half the fun of music festivals, like !!! back in 2008.

Lady Bunny's New Video

Is that her as the hillbilly? SCARY. Watch with all the lights on clutching your Teddy. The stuffed animal kind, weirdo.

R.I.P. Eddie Fisher

He was 82. It was complications from hip surgery that did him in. It sucks to get old. It sucks even more to be regarded as a footnote to one of the biggest scandals in Hollywood- the Liz & Dick home wrecker-ism of 1963. There's a fabulous book out called Furious Love, and it dishes all the details of the romance that began on the set of Cleopatra and was too tempestuous to last. Eddie will always be remembered for his music, though. He was quite the crooner in his day, along with Frankie and Adrian and, oh shit. I don't know. I hate that music. I just feel bad for Carrie. On the bright side, maybe we'll get another fabulous book about dear old dad because of it. I know, I'm heartless.
And who's next, Zsa Zsa? Heaven forbid, but these things come in threes, right?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walmart Has Only THE Most Classy Clientele

Here's proof:

Mr. McSlore and I don't often patronize The Walmart. I lack the fortitude to shed blood for close parking spaces and the sales girls look down on me because I don't show any flesh, wear pjs in the dog food aisle or weigh enough to set off seismic alarms. But if seeing strippers passed out in shopping carts is a regular occurence, I'm willing to change my ways.