Friday, March 4, 2011

Caption The Housewife, Zombie Bethenny Edition

If you watched the show Monday night, you know that Lady B is back to being her good old abrasive self. We get it, you are a big city girl and you think that everyone that lives in a small town is inbred and probably shtupping barnyard animals. Podunk towns are cheap, uncultured and worthy of your contempt to be sure, but do you have to say it OUT LOUD? This girl has no filter and the ratings are down significantly. Last year's premiere snagged 2.2 million viewers. This year- 1.5. I guess it's hard to get people to watch you bitch and moan all day when you're not riding the crest of a wave of sympathy courtesy of Jill Zarin's evil personality.

Plus, she's a producer on her own show. I would think that it would be wiser to put the reins in someone else's hands, if only to give the illusion of objectivity. This just smacks of too much control over what we, the viewer are allowed to see and what scenarios are conjured up. 

In light of what we saw this week, I think she should have made herself an editor instead.

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