Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dali and Disney

If only Disney continued to collaborate with artists. Maybe I wouldn't hate them so much. At any rate, this is beautiful-

Some pictures I took of the Dali painting at the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

The Dream, 1931.

A closer view.

Caption The Housewife, 'Til Foreclosure Do Us Part Edition

Those gloves! God help me.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The First Signs


..and some fuzzy crocuses.

Of course, my neighbor across the street gets twelve hours of sun in her front yard everyday so she has dozens of daffodils already in bloom. I'm thinking of getting myself an Elsa bouquet a little later. Like midnight.

TGIF With Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Star Wars is becoming the theme for the day.


Some geek built this in his garage in eight months. Freaking AWESOME.

EMBED-BaR2D2 robotic bar celebrates St. Patricks Day - Watch more free videos

Caption The Housewife, Guido Spa Day Edition

That's the new girl from RhoNY, Cindy Barshop, at her spa Completely Bare, in New York. I watched her Cribs-style video and didn't get an impression of her one way or the other. I just know that her apartment is small which is typical for New York and her go-to decorating color is white. God, I really hope she isn't as bland as she seems. We've had enough of that lately.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jimmy Fallon Thanks Tiger For Being A Comedy Goldmine

I can't help it. I love Tiger, I just do.
And it's no accident that he chose to go on Fallon's show. Dude clearly worships the guy.

Baby Elephants Cooling Off

Don't you sometimes look at the animals on this planet and think to yourself that they look like aliens? Really cute aliens, but still incredibly other-worldly.

And no, I'm not stoned. It's St. Patty's and I haven't even started drinking yet!

Happy St. Patrick's Day From The Dropkick Murphys

And my favorite Dropkick song, 'Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced.'

Caption The Housewife, Thing One & Thing Two

I totally stole that header from Chateau Thombeau. Love that site. Linky in my blog roll.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beauty Amongst The Muck

Oh, how I love this window at Anthropologie at Eton Place in Woodmere.

I saw this creation as we pulled up and had to get a closer look.

Dinner plate size pieces of crepe paper formed and shaped and manipulated into waves that eventually become a Victorian gown of such creativity that my first thought was that it was on loan from the Met. I LOVE this, even though Mr. McSlore said that the paper looked like coffee filters. What difference does it make? 

One of my favorite dresses from Project Runway was Michael's coffee filter dress from Season 3.
Update: I found a picture. I wasn't a huge fan of this model but I loved the dress. By the way, I thought Laura should have won. HATED Jeffrey. I know, let it go. 

You Shouldn't Have Shared That Turkey Sandwich

It's a Youtube kind of day.

Kathy Griffin On WWHL

Thanks for the head's up, Colleen!

Here's her on the Tea Party, Beverly Hills, and Maggie vs. Elsa.

Irish vs. I-rash:

Oh Charlie Sheen:

On Celebrity Apprentice, Hoarders and her Broadway show:

I love the story about how Miss Andy met Phaedra. TOO perfect.

Linus Goes Boom

If you aren't familiar with Linus, here's his website:

 I visit it every few months to see what goofy outfits his Mom draws or puts him in, and for precious moments like this. Watch until the very end.

Cougar Lesbians

I can't believe this is the first time I'm seeing this! It needs to be an actual weekly show. 

Advice From A Cartoon Mermaid

I have quite a few friends with daughters. Almost to a person, they prefer their kids to watch stuff like Toy Story or Up! instead of the unrealistic fantasy crap that Disney spews out on a regular basis. They also make sure that their children play outside and read. A LOT. Of course, all my friends are cool. DUH.

Here's Belle's take-

Thanks, Chemgal!

Caption The Housewife, I'll Wear Anything Edition

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stiletto Skates

These skates are from Dsquared2. These skates are wicked retarded. These skates must be part of someone's cruel plan to kill off fashionistas eager to show that they can do ANYTHING in heels, even a triple lutz. I sit here and await the first Youtube videos of said fashionistas, but I bet a drag queen takes up the challenge first.

Dave Brubeck Radiohead Mash-up

This one's for my fellow music fans, Karen in particular. I miss your FB videos, K-Bird!

Real Housewives of Athens

I found this on Jezebel this morning. 
Don't half of them look like they want to kick your ass? 

This is being touted as the first International version of the franchise but it seems more like a test market. I mean, why wouldn't you pick London or Paris first, or Amsterdam or Moscow? Those cities are teeming with wealthy women while Greece is going through a pretty bad recession and budget crisis. Nevertheless, it opened to an audience of 600,000, not bad for a small market.  

Would you watch it if they put it on the air with subtitles? 

Caption The Housewife, Makin' It Rain Edition

That guy looks a lot like Jason. So THAT'S his job!

Bonus, a Tweet from Leather. Perhaps the most real and authentic thing she has ever said.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Survival Skills & Meaningless Thrills

This is the week where we meet the new girl, another freaking blonde! Does no one in Orange County have unbleached tresses? Untanned skin? An ability to say no to ugly blouses? I still think we should move in with Mari and open a hair salon/spray tan/bible disco in Newport. It'll be a smash hit and you can even pay with A-mex!

Caption The Housewife, Hey Big Spender Edition

Does Slade have a checkbook in his hand? HELL NO. *snort*

Henry Rollins on Chelsea Lately

Won't someone date this adorable geek and legend? Do you even remember how hot he was in the Black Flag years? How about that steamy video he made with Lydia Lunch, back when he had long hair? YUM.

Someone get on that! Speaking of getting on that, a visual synopsis of my weekend after the jump.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Caption The Housewife, Nightmare before Christmas Edition

Wow. When I saw this, I just had to post it. It seems more like something Tamra would do back in her trailer park days, or Kim Z after her breakfast Magnum of Chardonnay.

When's It Going To End??

Finally, an ad campaign I can get behind.