Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tiger's New Baby Boy

It's been a while since I've posted some serious cuteness, and the need to balance out the negativity of the post below is pretty strong. So here he is, Charlie Axel Woods, along with his parents, sister and their adorable puppies. Talk about a charmed existence, Tiger must have gone through some terrible struggles in a past life or something, to be so blessed in this one.
For you golf fans, he is going to finally get back on the fairways next week in the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Tuscon, Arizona. He has won this tournament three times already but it has been moved to a new course, the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain. I don't know if that will have any effect on his play but I'm sure that the sponsors are exstatic. Having him back will greatly improve their numbers which have suffered quite a bit in his absence.
Photos by Wenn via People magazine.

You Couldn't Stop for Ten Minutes?

I hate these girls with their sense of entitlement and the fact that they are an utter waste of space. I realize that Paris attracts a lot of attention and with the way the economy is right now, it's every designer for themselves. But, do you think that Pamella Roland is going to invite these two to her Spring collection next September? After they texted throughout the whole show? They were in the front row! Next to gorgeous Nigel Barker, what nerve!

My New York friends are telling me that there are fewer shows with fewer seats than last year, so it is hard to get an invite to any of them. It is a priviledge to go to any these days. Heck, I'm here in Ohio and I can only dream about going. Why do you think I keep posting pictures from all these shows?

Nigel should have smacked both of their phones out of their hands but maybe he was afraid that he'd catch something, or maybe he was TOO BUSY WATCHING THE SHOW!

Done ranting. Fell much better.

L'Wren Scott

Mick Jagger's girlfriend presented her collection at the Gagosian gallery which included white cut-outs provided by artist Adam Bell for the backdrop. Once again, we have color used very sparingly but the models look bewitching as opposed to dour. Everything is slinky and snakey and sexy. I wish I could see the clothes up close bacause the little details are said to be marvelous. Do you love the hair and makeup? It makes me think of a naughty secretary in early thirties Paris who is having a torrid affair with her boss so he'll buy her the perfume and silk stockings she can't afford. Then, when he runs out of money, she moves on to her next victim. Outrageously sensual, love it.

Final Puppy Update

I am happy to inform all those of you that inquired, that Jeremy the German Shepherd has found a good home. On Thursday his foster mom Karen took him down to Medina to meet a nice couple who were still sad after losing their Germen Shepherd recently, and they were overjoyed to have him. Yay, a happy ending!

I hope this inspires you to take in a stray or rescue dog. How wonderful to make someone so happy and to help an animal in need. Kudos to you, Karen!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kai Kuhne's Graphic Collection

The entire line is black, white and grey but the construction is architectural and very well done, making up for the somber pallette. Everything is long and lean (who doesn't love the slimming factor at work here?) and there is a definite hint of menswear. He just got major backing and most experts beleive that a men's collection will be on the way sooner rather than later.

RuPaul's Cover Girl Video

Even if you are not into Drag, this video has the Pit Crew in it! Mamma like, mamma like!
Cover Girl (Put the Bass in Your Walk)

Malandrino Show

I hesitated to post anything about Catherine Malandrino's show because of her use of fur. I'm almost positive it is real and I'm not really down with that. I decided to go ahead and show some of the outfits because the collection is inspired by Elsa Schiapperelli and includes a lovely bird print. What do you think about the face and hand appliques? Did Moschino do surreal fashion better because he injected so much humor into it? I have to bring that up seeing as the models in this show are still super somber. Perk up, people! Maybe they should start passing out X before they go out on the runway. Or laughing gas, it's probably cheaper.
You score extra points if you recognized the Rainbow Room as this year's venue. They are standing still because the circular floor rotates.

Who Needs Sean Avery?

Seriously, when you've got a pest like Steve Ott you don't even miss him. In Dallas's 4-2 win over Edmonton last night there was a lot of action. The goalie Dwayne Roloson got a good hit on Ott after he slammed Gilbert into the boards and you gotta love that. Plenty of fighting ensued followed by an avalanche of penalties.
And the Pens beat the Kovalev-less Habs 5-4 in regulation. So yeah, it was a good night to be watching hockey.

More Fashion Week

Fashion week ends today but I will keep posting collections until I run out of ones that I like. Here Is Christian Siriano. Plenty of shine, extreme shoulders and the dreaded tulip skirt. I hate those flappy things! I loved the dress with the Antelope headgear, though.

Google Ocean Spots Grid on Ocean Floor

Real or Hoax? I don't know if this photo is doctored in any way but if it's not we could be looking at the lost city of Atlantis on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The picture was taken off the coast of northwest Africa near the Canary Islands which is one of the places historians beleive Atlantis could have been located.

I wonder how many scientific expeditions are being planned right now to investigate. What a coup that would be for an oceanographer. The area of the grid is supposed to be about the size of Wales, no word yet on how deep the water is in this location. Do you think they had Casinos back then or pools with suicidal sharks? If they did have gambling like the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, I'm sure their odds couldn't have been any worse. Word to the wise; don't gamble in the Caribbean. They don't regulate their casinos like we do in the United States so there are no guaranteed payouts or regulated percentages on slots. Beleive me, I know. The same rule applies to cruise ships. Don't bother.

Miss Sixty Fall RTW

It's still all about the eighties at Mercedes Fashion week in New York. Graffiti inspired prints, giant fake fur and exaggerated shoulders. Oh, and don't forget the return of the tight! And the legging. I love my tights in the winter so this works really well for me. There was a decent amount of color in this collection but it was overwhelmed by lots and lots of shiny Joan Jett/rocker girl black. And the red coat, I am loving it. There is a definite Blade Runner feeling going on here and I'm all for that, but would it kill a girl to look happy? What I wouldn't give for a smirk, even or a knowing smile. Just because you've got on clothes that a Replicant would wear doesn't mean you have to act like one too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Oprah Time on Drag Race

This week was a pretty wild ride. We had an Oprah challenge, pratfalls and insane outfits of not so sublime beauty topped by our first wig a-flying (I've been waiting for this since the show started!). If you haven't watched it yet, I won't tell you who gets booted but I will say that it's a well deserved elimination. I laughed my ass off throughout most of the show and strongly suggest you watch this episode before you read my recap. It's the best one yet! Enjoy!

The Pulse Smart Pen

Wired's website has a report on this new one gigabyte pen that comes with special paper to record everything you write, has the ability to record everything you say and may just revolutionize reporting and dictation. It costs $150 and all of the work you do is downloadable. What will they come up with next? It's too bad that it can't make you more clever, not that I need that or anything. It just would be nice.

Keepin' it Klassy, Part VI

Our Pammy is back and in fine form at the Richie Rich fashion show. It looks like she hogged all the backstage Champagne again. C'mon, Pammy! Leave some for the poor emaciated models! Everyone knows that Champs constitutes 99% of their caloric intake. The other one percent is made up of the Strawberry Quik they cut their cocaine with, or so I hear.

Baby Mop

In Japan, they think of everything and if it's crazy retarded Michael K at DListed will post it. I need one of these. My dust bunnies (made up of 90% dog hair and 10% actual bunny) are starting to take over the kitchen and hallway so lock up your toddlers, people. I'm on a mission.

Baby Mop from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gone to the Chihuahua Heaven in the Sky

Mickey Rourke has been having a pretty good year so far. Awards out the ass, young women throwing themselves at him and he may even beat out Sean Penn to win the Oscar for best actor this year. I bet he'd throw that all away to have his beloved Loki back, though. His puppy died on Monday and I know how that feels. Most of you do too. It sucks. I hope he's doing okay, drowning his sorrows in West Hollywood while telling those bitch ass skank barflies that they couldn't hold a candle to his one true love. R.I.P. Loki. You were cuter than 99% of L.A. and had ten times the class.

Farts Are Controversial

Who knew that a fart app would cause so much controversy? This story is so ridiculous. Does anyone own the "pull my Finger" expression? Why would you want to? I suppose that when money is involved people will fight over anything. Here is the story from

By David Kravets February 18, 2009 3:42:41 PMCategories: The Ridiculous
The producer of a farting iPhone app is making a legal stink over another flatulence app in a looming trademark battle over the phrase, "pull my finger."
A trademark dispute over the rights to the phrase was bound to happen as dozens of iPhone apps provide a way to fart like the professionals -- from Bigfoot to an old man.
The brouhaha concerns Air-O-Matic of Florida, the maker of the popular "Pull My Finger" app, which claims the maker of rival "iFart Mobile" is misappropriating the phrase "pull my finger" in its advertisements. Such an assertion, according to iFart Mobile maker InfoMedia of Colorado, reeks of an misunderstanding of American fart culture.
Kevin Houchin, InfoMedia's lawyer, explains:
The phrase "pull my finger," and derivations thereof, are generally known and widely understood in American society to be a joke or prank regarding flatulence. The prank begins when the prankster senses the deep stirrings of flatulence. The prankster then requests that an unsuspecting person pull [his or her] finger. The prankster extends his index finger to the victim. As the victim pulls the prankster's finger, his flatulence erupts so as to suggest a causal relationship between the pulling of the finger and the subsequent expulsion of gas. In other words, the phrase "pull my finger" is understood to be a description of the act of passing gas.
Houchin's comments were contained in a Colorado federal court filing (.pdf) seeking a declaration from a judge that InfoMedia's use of the phrase in its advertising campaign "did not and will not infringe upon any valid rights of AOM." A decision is pending.
Air-O-Matic, or AOM, claims iFart Mobile's advertising is creating confusion in Apple's app store fart space.
"InfoMedia's efforts have been directed at merging 'Pull My Finger' and 'iFart' in the consumers' minds, so that searches for 'Pull My Finger' pull up the iFart application," AOM attorney Karen Koster Burr wrote (.pdf) InfoMedia in a letter demanding $50,000 payment.
Burr wrote that "it all amounts to repeated trademark infringement and unfair trade practices that have resulted in substantial direct and indirect damages to Air-O-Matic."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gee, Think This Guy Might Get drafted?

His name is Jarron Gilbert and he played at San Jose State. He weighs 287 and is 6'5." And he can jump out of a pool.

You Got Crack in Your Crack

I found this hilarious post on Lady Bunny's blog of goofy stuff found in newspapers. It reminds me of the bits that Jay Leno and David Letterman used to do on their late night shows. Here is the link to her post with a lot more where these came from.

Marc Jacobs Fall RTW

He is totally channeling Flock of Seagulls, right? That hair, those neon colors and he even used sweatshirt material a la Norma Kamali 1983-84. I had that Kamali red and black striped collapsed turtleneck tunic number and wore it to death. I think that I'm wearing it in 90% of the pictures taken of me at the time. I even sewed up my own version out of black wool and corduroy in college.

The makeup is lifted straight off of the girls in the "I Ran" video and that is not a bad thing. Airbrushed makeup is utterly impractical but some of the effects will trickle down to Macy's and Loreal. I just hope that someone does a knock-off of that fabulous pick coat so I can afford it. Do you love it or hate it? It makes me nostalgic.
Photos from Getty Images.

A Slavery Theme Park?

That's right, kids, just in time for Black History month too. And who is behind one of the worst ideas ever in the history of ever? Marlon Jackson of the Jackson Five. It is supposed to cost over $3 billion and be located in Nigeria. It will include a five star hotel, golf course, Jackson 5 museum, casino and a replica of a slave ship. Oh, and a Memorial. They're calling it the Badagry Historical Resort and it will be near the former slave trade port.

The entire country is probably vomiting in their mouths right now and there are plenty of opponents to the idea, including Nigerian historians and local people who aren't so easily swayed by the promise of 150,000 new jobs and 1.4 million visitors a year. The Motherland Group, as they are calling themselves, are dismissive of anyone who is critical of the idea because they, obviously, know what's best for Nigeria having visited the country several times.

This sounds like a really, really bad plot for a movie. I am so shocked that anyone would try to profit over the suffering of millions of Africans that I think that I am starting to see red. Build the memorial, yes. Help decendants of slaves trace their roots, yes. Use businesses to raise the funds, sure. But don't build a resort under the guise of being a humanist. Do they even realize that slavery is still going on? That genocide occurs in African countries like Darfur every single day? One more thing. How much do you want to bet that the build the hotel and casino first, erect a Jackson statue or two and call it a day, all the while claiming design or management difficulties when the media starts asking where the Memorial is? Wow. Just wow.
Let's hope this one doesn't get off the ground, and if it does, the majority of the profits go to humanitarian efforts.

But, But, That's What We Do Back Home

This story is too weird and has irony written all over it. In the United States, if your spouse is driving you crazy and you just can't take it any more, you get a divorce. Some evil personages resort to violence, beating their wives into submission and if that doesn't work, shooting or stabbing them to death. You'd almost understand that if the behavior was coming from a sociopath, but not a guy who runs a radion station. It gets better. He runs a radio station aimed at getting rid of Muslim stereotypes and he beheaded his wife. Way to meet your goals, asshole.

Muzzammil Hassan's wife Aasiya filed for divorce in January in Orchard Park, a nice suburb of Buffalo, and when he couldn't beat any sense into her he chopped her head off and silenced her permanently. They have two children, ages 4 and 6. He turned himself into authorities immediately and I'm sure that police had no trouble recognizing him since they'd been called to his house for domestic violence several times.

This happens all the time. Not the beheading part, which is freaking me out, I mean, you have to get pretty damn close and personal to do that, right? No, the violence against women. I hope that having Biden as Vice President will get more done for these women since he's been advocating on our behalf for years. Before someone cuts their head off.

Monday, February 16, 2009

File This Under: Holy Crap!

For you fellow hockey and Pens fans, guess who got fired late last night? That's right, coach Therrien. The team has been sucking ass even though we have points leaders and a stellar goalie. The owners and management must have figured that coaching was the problem and Wilkes Barre coach Dan Bylsma takes the interim position. The team is said to be stunned, as am I. I would have thought that they would have done this earlier, not when there are so few games left until the playoffs (which we may not even make) and this decision throws the team off balance when stability and confidence are at a premium. The Pens went to the Stanley Cup last year and now what? I hope this works out for the best but Bylsma just lost his first game as coach in a shoot-out. We will see.

Here is the link to the story on the Tribune website:

Puppy Update

We have been babysitting Jeremy the German Shepherd all day today and he is an absolutely wonderful dog. He's taken a huge liking to our little boxer/beagle/pointer and is in cootchie sniffing heaven. We have a fenced-in backyard and he has been very good about not trying to jump over it, thank goodness. He is very smart and follows commands immediately. They are playing like gangbusters right now and he is very careful not to hurt our smaller, albeit faster, dog. I don't think he's going to be couch surfing much longer so let me know right away if you are interested. I know that some of you live pretty far from Cleveland but if you know someone nearby, they would be lucky to have him. Hell, I'm falling in love with him! I just can't keep him right now. Oh, did I mention that he smells really good, is house broken and loves kisses? He'd make a good guard dog too. Smart as a whip and super loyal. What more could you want?