Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bunnies Are Horny

And they don't really care who they're banging.

Stewart vs. Cramer

If you watch The Daily Show or read the finance blogs you know about the feud that has been going on between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer. Cramer has this whackadoodle show Mad Money on CNBC where he bangs gongs and uses other sound effects like a cow mooing to get his points across. Stewart called him out for misleading the public and manipulating the information that he puts on the air. To be fair, Stewart also called out most of the hacks that seem to be in the pockets of some of the companies they endorse becuse these endorsements have caused viewers to lose a lot of money.
Cramer did the stand-up thing and went on The Daily show to discuss it, even going so far to say that he would change but he was back to his same antics the next day. And now a memo has leaked from the powers that be at MSNBC. In it reporters were told not to mention the feud and they all followed their orders like good little soldiers. Since when is a healthy dialogue a bad thing? I have to wonder if their numbers are tanking, why wouldn't they milk the hell out of this story? Bad publicity is still publicity and people would tune in to see what Cramer or Stewart would say next.
Below is the clip from Jon Stewart's show and it is riviting television. God, I hope this feud goes on and on and on....

Happy Pi Day!

Today is march 14th, 3.14, and because of that a bunch of nerds got together and declared it National Pi Day. Making the geekitude more complete is the fact that it is also Albert Einstein's birthday. Elizabeth Landau wrote an ode to Pi based on Don McClean's song American Pie. Here are some of the lyrics with a link to the rest of the song:

CHORUS:So why, why can’t I calculate pi
I just want to see the numbers 3.1415
And if that’s all, then let’s keep it alive
‘Cause my calculator seems to have died.
My calculator seems to have died.
Did you write the law of sines, or draw two perfect parallel lines
Without a ruler helping you?
Can you still use a protractor, or find just one imaginary factor
Of a polynomial of order 2?
Well I had a TI-83 when a great misfortune came to me
The screen began to blur — I couldn’t even find my curve!
I was a lonely teenage computer freak,
My pencils were chewed but my glasses were sleek,
And the future was looking pretty bleak
The day my calculator died.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ball of Shame: My New Drag Race Recap

What an episode. Yours truly was devastated once again. Are the producers working for Prozac or something because it seems like they want me on meds, and I feel like I need them at this point. God help us all. I was a sweet, innocent drag fan before all this started and now I'm a hulking mass of meanspirited, bile spewing, bottle throwing, half beast excuse for a human being.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ovechkin's Eastern Motors Commercial

Arguably the best player in the NHL right now is also indisputably one of the ugliest and goofiest ever. He's a good sport though, and you would be too if you were getting paid like he is. I hope he hasn't spent it all on vodka and nesting dolls because he could sure use some new teefs.

South Park Season Premiere Clip

I was actually up past ten last night and caught this genuis episode of South Park making fun of The Jonas Brothers and their purity rings. It was so sick and hilarious. I love the crazed fans at the concert whose baginas are tingling and the one with pigtails and a binky in her mouth. Reminds me of my youth.......

A Fat Guy and a Muppet

I have no idea if they were even able to edit this. Too funny.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


McQueen Fall 2009 Paris Show

In a word, wow. Just amazing. Looooove it. Now I'm going to head over to Target and see what his collection for them is all about.

Paul, Is That You?

I didn't know that you joined City Council! Next time go easy on the Taco Bell before you show up.
Someone has gas at a Medina City Council meeting and everyone giggles like it's still the third grade. Come to think of it, that bodunk county (where I lived for a few years) isn't all that evolved from grade school. Power hungry cops, transplanted guido douchebags from Parma and hillbillies that think it's okay to fornicate with their farm animals- no lie. My friend got called out there to investigate some dude who was raping his llama. Good times.

Sleepy Kitty

I decided that I hate to wake up to some major cuteness this morning. So, here it is.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Must have Item for Your Golf Bag

It's that time of year again where you get out your golf bag and check your inventory to see what you need and what you can skate by with for another season. Yep, those irons will last another couple of years, damn, I need a new hybrid and fuck! Why didn't I wash those club towels before putting my stuff away?! Well, here is another item you simply must have. It never ends, does it?

Tiki Bar Zamboni

More hockey stuff and why not? It's almost the playoffs and there won't be anything until October.

Some guy converted a zamboni ice smoother into a tiki bar and it's for sale! That's right, you too can drive around your neighborhood looking like an idiot if you are lucky enough to be the highest bidder. Good luck!

There's No Crying in Hockey!

And we sure as hell don't need whining about the fights. I love the fighting, the players love the fighting as do most of the fans, but the debate rages on. As long as they continue to allow the hits and as long as there are pests roaming the ice, there are going to be enforcers to keep the peace and stand up for their teammates, as it should be. Mike and Mike from ESPN agree with me. If you don't like it, watch badminton or table tennis, or those retards that chase a wheel of cheese down a hill every damn year, but leave hockey alone. When a player goes too far, they get fined. The really horrific stuff happens by accident, like the skate that cut Richard Zednik's neck last year. Most of the time the players laugh their way to the penalty box, continuing to hurl insults at their opponenents. We can't do that in our everyday lives and it's a form of release to watch it, even if it is second hand. If you have ever been to a hockey game, you know what I'm talking about. The entire arena errupts, especially if it's Sean Avery getting his ass handed to him. You play hockey, you fight. The End.

Fashion is Danger

Here's the new song from Flight of the Conchords. It's goofy, of course, and in keeping with the times it's a New Wave throwback.