Friday, April 16, 2010

Speaking of Strange Animal Behaviour..

Does the Orca want to play with Sparky or does he want a puppy brunch?

Cat And An iPad

If you have any pussy/pad jokes, feel free.

Kick Ass Hit Girl Trailer

There is a tiny uproar in the media over the character of Hit Girl in the new movie Kick Ass. Some say it's just as inappropriate for a pre-teen girl to engage in comic book style violence as it is to show her sexualised in any way. All I have to ask is- would it be any better if it was Hit Boy? Plus, it was a complete shocker to hear words like 'cunts' and 'fuck' come out of her mouth. I'll wait until I see it to pass any sort of judgement on the film but I have to be honest. I laughed. At least she's killing bad guys, right?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Puppy Army

This is how I feel right now. We've had five dogs for three weeks out of the last four, and I am beginning to lose my mind. It's like the house burned down and I had to move in with the Bumpus's. Throw in a puppy with a UTI that needs to be let out every fifteen minutes and a Corgie mix who thinks that you are his personal slave and you have all the makings of serious writer's block. The good news- I have a new sense of respect for my mother and her ability to raise five kids. The bad news? I may give in to my urge not to lock the gate the next time I let them out to pee.

Monday, April 12, 2010

How Was YOUR Weekend

This lady spent hers running in the surf and swimming with her baby kangaroo friends. I spent mine cleaning up dog piss. I win!

Also, we went to the band lottery show where I proceeded to get wasted because I didn't have time to eat after cleaning the fryer after Mr. McSlore was kind enough to remove the dead bloated mouse from it's contents. Deee-lish wings for dinner? You don't say! Hey, why does this one taste like Mr. Jingles? I thought he was immortal. Waaaah!
Then we went golfing on Sunday and I shot 90. Yay! I have never shot 90 in April, NEVER. It's usually 120, or something in the general 30 handicap range (that I have grown to know very well).
THEN, I am surfing the web without the aid of baby roos and discover that a guy I dated eons ago is on TMZ cuz he beat his wife. That's funny. When we were together, I beat HIM. At everything. He was kinda not-exactly Mensa material.
So, THAT was my weekend. How was yours?