Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ho, Ho, Hos

I don't post very often anymore about the Housewives of Wherever, or as I like to call these shows, Day of the Locusts Part II, but I saw this photo and just had to put it up.
What is that body language between Lisa and Kyle about? Lisa looks like she thinks Kyle's hideousness might rub off on her. Her face is a mask of barely concealed disgust! Oh, those rich Brits. When they aren't being bawdy and facetious, they seem to be sitting on piles of repressed feelings. What do you think? Is this the end of the line for this friendship, and what in Paris Hell is Kyle wearing? Her niece's hand me downs, or is it Taylor's skin?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan In Playboy

I don't know, you guys. Not only is it way too literally derivitive, but it's freaking bland. Girl has no soul behind her eyes. I thought I'd never say this but Pam Anderson has more soul, as does any decent drag queen, which she resembles in a boobs-photoshopped-onto-a-Drag Race contestant kind of way.

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TGIF With Megan Mullally's School For Actresses

There's nothing like starting the weekend with something completely ridiculous, yet true!

Chloe Seven-KNEE's Closet

I think she's cute. Pretentiously cute, but cute nonetheless. I like that she can laugh at herself. Also, I never noticed that she has this little vocal tick where she kinda 'tsks' after a sentence. Does Drew do that in his parodies? Anyway, she would make a perfect flapper and I think that she should be playing Daisy in The Great Gatsby, not Carey Mulligan. 

Perhaps Carey is an excellent actress but she just doesn't have IT, you know? Chloe has IT. I kinda love her in a healthy girl crush kind of way.

At Home with Chloƫ Sevigny: Part 1 from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Response To Rick Perry

Vote for THIS guy.

It was in response to this incredibly unpopular Rick Perry video.
Gee, I wonder why people don't like it. Hmmmm.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Can you imagine an entire movie filmed like this? I would pass out, right after I started using pot again.

TimeScapes 4K from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Congrats To Tiger On Finally Winning A Tournament

Finally, at the Chevron World Championship in Thousand Oaks yesterday, he didn't choke. It only took two years for him to get his mojo back, and by mojo I mean a tramp named Maureen that works at Howard Johnsons. All kidding aside, I was almost as relieved as Tiger because a winning Tiger is good for the sport. It's a fact. The ratings go up, more people are interested in the sport and it will help this country take advantage of the exploding market in Asia. 

On a lighter side, here's a guy yelling something after Tiger's last tee shot on 18 yesterday.
It was a Redditor, of course. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sometimes More Is Too Much

On our way home from La Dolce Vita in Little Italy (their Fettucini Fellini is to die for), I made Mr. McSlore stop the car so I could get a picture of this enormous tree in front of one of the mansions here in Cleveland Heights. It's kind of a mess, right? It completely dwarfs the house. It's so showy that you can see it from around the corner. I could see it from Murray Hill, practically. 

Note also that they decided that renting a cherry picker was okay for one damn tree but put absolutely nothing on the house itself. There is no balance. It's like the only thing they care about is having the biggest damn tree around. It's like the Anna Nicole of trees, sloppy and hard to miss.