Friday, August 13, 2010

Playing Dead vs. Lying Down

I am going to be knocking myself out all day trying to find some ridiculous pose for this. In the meanwhile, it's a good Friday laugh.

Margaret Cho On Chelsea Lately

Worth watching just for the Cyndi Lauper imitation.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman Do The Weather

It's pretty cute. I love the parts with the school bus, but why are they doing those? Do they have year-round school in Atlanta? Cuz that would suck.

The Bridgestone Invitational

We attended the tournament on Sunday and got lucky at every turn. First off, after a late start, we got there before nine and paid only $8 to park on someone's lawn. I've done this in years' past but never was it as organized as this year. It was a neighborhood effort and I hope they pooled their monay and did something fun with it, like a block party for kids or a vodka party for adults.
There was a huge list of things you could not bring to the venue, including phones and cameras. They didn't even look through my tiny purse, so i totally could have gotten away with one, and a flask to boot. :( That's okay. I'll file that info away until next year.

We arrived to check out the leader board in time to see Stenson (the only golfer with a female caddy) on the 9th green and then Tiger and Anthony Kim in the fairway. First off, why the hell is Anthony so damn skinny? He's like 5'5" and 120 at the most. I look like She-Ra next to him. Secondly, they were laughing and talking and having a good time together even though they SUCKED ASS. It might as well be fun, right?

We parked ourselves in the front row at the 10th green and saw every single golfer. I highly recommend that you bring those folding camp chairs if you ever attend a professional golf event. They make a world of difference. Anyhoo, the green at 10 was brutal. We kept track, and there were only nine birdies all day! NINE. Out of 78 golfers.
We walked down to position ourselves on 18 where most of the golfers would be hitting their second shot when, uh oh! Bubba Watson hits a shot that lands right behind the corner of the giant leader board. It could have been worse, but this is another skinny guy. How the hell does he hit it over 300 yards? I need to study that swing. Mr. McSlore tells me that he gets his hips out so far that his belt buckle faces the flag before he even makes contact with the ball. I've tried that. The ball goes a staggering 30 feet. On a good day.

So, we watch a few guys hit and then stand at the 17th tee where we can hear a ruckus at the 16th green. it turns out that Hunter Mahan hit into a permanent flower bed which they treat as part of the cart path and they let him take a drop. He par'd the hole after over-shooting the green.

What a miracle. He waltzed onto the 17th without a care in the world and hit a hybrid. Uphill. Like, 250 yards, and won at 12 under. Good for him. Here's his post game interview. I would show you Tiger's as well but the media still treats him like shit so I'm not going to bother. He still gets twice as many people to show up than those tournaments without him, and I think it's time to start asking him questions without so much schadenfreude and sneering condescension. It bugs the shit out of me, so I don't know how he handles it without slugging somebody.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Cats Like To Get Stoned Too

My head! Is it still attached to my body?

You might want to mute the music. It's pretty freaking annoying.