Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Galliano and Fascism

John Galliano got fired from his head designing position at Dior for making racist comments in a Parisian bistro. Shocking.

Quite frankly, fashion is fascist, so why are we surprised? It's an industry that goes unchecked and unmonitored by anyone, save the garment worker's union and even that can be a slippery slope. Kathy Lee sweat shops, anyone? 
It treats it's most creative minds, and make no mistake, John Galliano is at the very top in terms of talent, like dictators that are above the fray in terms of conduct and opinion. It values one's looks above all else and encourages eating disorders and a perpetual state of adolescence. Honestly, though I could give a rat's ass what the guy thinks, this is just an example of the thinking that permeates that world.

Here's the video in case you haven't seen it:

Some people are saying that he should be able to say whatever he wants on his own time. I don't buy it. It simply does not hold water in an industry that uses branding as a way of life. You must have the suit, the scarf, the earrings, the purse. 'The look' for lack of a better word, and that look is almost always one of wealth and priveledge, above the common hoard. You need look no further than Coco Chanel herself who was a Nazi sympathizer and used her Aryan roots to gain sole control of her empire since pre-war it was partially owned by Jews.

Models represent the brand. Some are 'Ambassadors of Wool,' even. Designers turn their entire lives into one giant product placement. Look at Ralph Lauren, for goodness sakes. He practically reinvented the WASP! 

I guess the question now becomes, will he go to rehab, the image cure-all of our times? One thing is for certain, the racist memes are already up.

Here's some of his menswear. Hitler or Chaplin? You decide.

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