Saturday, November 28, 2009

That's One Way To Earn Your Tuna Cassarole

And, Jazz Hands!

Did You Know...

Is that a picture of the ever popular anal bear? I know a few of those.

Pray For Tiger Part II

I felt so relieved when I heard that Tiger was okay and then I read that his wife was beating him with one of his own golf clubs and I felt even better!

Turns out that they were fighting on Thanksgiving over some chick who denies, denies that she had herself a little fun times with him in a hotel and wifey just went OFF!

I love how they are trying to spin the fact that she beat his car with a five iron, into trying to break a window to get him out. Wow. Who knew that Scandinavian girls had such vile tempers? The ones I knew were big boned stoners with promiscuous streaks and a penchant for skiing naked. Doing everything naked, actually.

Anyhoo, it's funny. I have remarked to Mr. McSlore on many occassions that if I could trade places with anyone in the world it would be Tiger. Now, not so much. Just wait until he receives that clubhouse ribbing from the other pros. Nothing like getting beat by your wife to humanize a fella. He REALLY needs your prayers now.

I Have Always Wondered If This Was Possible

Now I know.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pray For Tiger

This is beyond sad. At 2:25 this morning, Tiger pulled out of driveway in Florida, hit a firhydrant that hit a tree and struck his Escalade. He's in serious condition and alcohol is not supposed to be involved. With the recent accusations of infidelity you have to wonder if he and wife Elin were fighting.

Either way, whatever the cause, I hope he makes a full recovery. Watching golf won't be the same without him.

If this were a year ago, I would be making a joke about where Phil Michelson was when this went down, but he beat Tiger this year so it wouldn't be as funny.

So wierd and sad. Ugh. I wish it was a joke or an internet hoax.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Maxwell Show Cancelled

I turned on the radio and.... bitch wasn't there! What the fuck?
Now I'm going to have to get Sirius or something because there is nothing good here in Cleveland anymore, nothing! Rover sucks balls and Opie and Anthony are gone, along with my need for anything other than college radio and an iPod.
WMMS used to be a great station. Now they play freaking country music Sunday mornings and enable someone as inane and insipidly stupid as Dieter to earn more in a month than anyone with an IQ below Derek Anderson's QB rating deserves. It must be a record. He makes this kid look like a genius:

Here's a link to sign the petition to get him back. If it does any good I will be shocked. Pleased but shocked. So go sign it. Do it for me? He was a victim of child sexual abuse, dammit! If you don't sign you're an un-American pedophile apologist.
Or a Catholic priest.