Friday, December 16, 2011

TGIF With A Real Housewives of Boston Christmas

R.I.P. Christopher Hitchens

What to say about an incredibly courageous man with one of the most wickedly brilliant minds in all of journalism? This is the guy that toured the country espousing his anti-theist views and was surprised that, instead of a lynching, he was heaped with praise from fellow non-believers. This is the guy that had no problem turning his back on a movement, like socialism, when it lost it's moral compass. This is the guy that willfully got waterboarded to prove that it was torture when none of the defenders of waterboarding had the guts to do it, and he was 59!

He wrote for The Nation and Vanity Fair. No topic was taboo for him and he even allowed Graydon Carter to assign him a series of de-stressing spa visits when the truth is, he would rather be anywhere else. After all, Hitchens has been eating stress for breakfast since the Vietnam War, along with Johnny Walker Black by his side. He thrived on it.

Another great Lion is gone. He succombed to esophageal cancer at the age of 62, and I will miss his articles terribly.
Link to Vanity Fair which has a ton of tributes to him today-

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kids Getting Bad Presents

I love the little boy who tells his sister that she should appreciate her half eaten sandwich. Little shit!

Try not to laugh. I dare you.

Mob Wives Season II Trailer

Is Karen a hot mess or what? Girl has yet to meet a cannoli she doesn't like which makes me assume that her strategy for winning fights this year is to sit on people. She is so hated that the producers had to bring a friend of hers on board so she didn't get her teeth kicked in by the other women. Wise on their part. I would hate to see her claim to be a bullying victim, and what a nutjob. People like her are so toxic that just saying hello to them can turn into a ten year war.

As for Drita, she's still the bleepin' queen of my heart. If you're caught in a dark alley with Karen, she's all you need. Your enemies would be bleeding through their ears and she wouldn't have even smeared her lipstick. She's intense, yes, but she possesses a rough kind of beauty and if she were a man, she'd be running things, or at the very least be the number one enforcer. LOVE her.

Renee is lipo-ing and lifting herself into a smaller version of the biggest drama queen evah, and being in the hospital allows her to indulge in all her self-absorbed shenanigans like never before. Girl is going to be driving nurses crazy with her attention sucking crap and banshee wailing, but if you think that's bad, wait until she hears what Junior did. What did Junior do? He ratted out her Dad in exchange for a lighter sentence. Okay, she has my permission to go apeshit, like she needs it.

Last but not least is Carla. Her name is Carla, right? She's a mouse compared to these lions and I have no idea what her story is going to be. Fighting with Renee, maybe? Dunno. I just want to watch Drita kick Karen's ass.

Shit goes down January 1st at 8 p.m. on VH1.

Jesus Heals The Gay Right On Out Of You!

I didn't know he could do that!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shit Girls Say

I love that she is munching chips with a tiny vodka bottle tucked in between her and her boyfriend.

Shit that me and my girlfriends say:

Where's the Xanax? You swore that there would be Xanax at this party!

You want a blow job? You're gonna have to promise me a mother-in-law free holiday.

I think she might actually eat that Hillshire Farms catalog.

Is she trying to plug the cable box into the toaster?

She's got Munchausen by Facebook proxy.

No, she's a Whirling Dervish of the Mundane!

That's so cyu-ooo-ute!

Do they still enforce child labor laws?

You are all just a bunch of Nigerian princesses.

Bless her heart!

No self respecting cat would sit still for that.

Are you mad at me? You're not mad at me, right?

I secretly love Tang.

Maybe Groupon will offer a deal on liposuction that I can jump on.

You know who you are....There are many, many more, trust me.