Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blab All You Want

I made a boo boo. My blog settings were only confiured to allow registered readers. Well, I changed that so anyone can leave a comment if they'd like. So, have at it!

Quote of the Day

"An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come."

-Victor Hugo

A Better Place

Check out this website that is amazingly forward thinking on solving energy problems. Read everything, it's fascinating what can be done if a country thinks outside the box, for instance, Denmark. They get 18% of their electricity from turbines. Here in Cleveland, we have one. With the wind that comes off of Lake Erie, it would be smart to have a couple hundred more.
The electric car plan works like a cell phone plan where you buy miles like you would buy minutes, buy a few at a time or unlimited. And the car battery is free! Genius.

Read their business model and see the future.

Here's the Wired article.

Daily Show Week Recap= Awesome

Do I Need a New Box?

So What

Obama is supposed to call Nancy Reagan to apologize for a comment he made about her participating in seances. He said that he'd talked to all the living former presidents but wasn't planning on doing that "Nancy Reagan thing" to try to talk to the ones who have died.

Get a grip, he was making a joke! Do you really want a president with no sense of humor?

Elections are Inspiring

This is an old political cartoon from right after the primaries, but I had to post it because of the Monty Python reference. Here are some great new ones at

Food Comas for Everybody!

It's almost that time of year where we eat like pigs and watch football. All the guys fall asleep on the couch while all the women clean up in the kitchen. Before my boyfriend's favorite holiday gets here, remember to donate food to your local shelters and pantries. Things are so bad that our local library will forgive up to a dollar in fines if you bring a bag of food in. (that just so happens to be exactly what I owe)
If you can't afford to do that, then volunteer at your local church or shelter to pass out food this Thanksgiving. You'll get a free meal, the satisfaction of helping others, and good Karma points.

What's a Dove Got to do With It?

Hurricane Paloma just got done battering the Caymans and is now heading towards Cuba with winds at up to 120 mph. First of all, who names a storm after a dove? And second of all, is it normal to be having hurricanes this late in the year? Catagory 4 hurricanes?!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Maher on Larry King

He's always inciteful, always funny and you gotta repect the him for scoring the kind of poon that most guys who look like him could only dream of. Read what he had to say about Obama and Dubya.

Forgive Me

Cause I'm going to be totally superficial here and talk about appearances. I used to think that Madonna was pretty hot but now she's all wiry and muscley like a giant frog, only she probably doesn't taste as yummy as the fabulous frog legs I had at Joe's Stone Crab House in Miami Beach. And where are her fabulous jugs? She exercised her titties right off!

Britney, on the other hand, looks pretty damn good. Yes, I know that she is only 27 to Mad's 50 but remember all the head shaving, coochie flashing nonsense? Her dad has done what no one else could, cleaned her up and gotten her proper meds. Maybe we should ship him off to Camden to help little Miss Beehive? Couldn't hurt. He'd kick her husband's ass too, I bet.
Photo from Madonna's show in L.A. last night.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is the Face of High Fashion

And it seems to be imploding.

I wonder what her brother would think if he were alive today?

Once again, from the geniuses at Gallery of the Absurd

Callie Shell Hearts Obama

The Time photographer went on TV Anchor Barbie's(Robin Meade)show this morning and shared her impressions of the new president.

Quote of the Day

"He has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire."

-Sir Winston Churchill


I realize that there are a lot of jerks running around the NBA. Players who don't pay child support, coaches who pat player's asses after a job well done, not to mention secretaries and sales reps and that one unfortunate UPS girl.

But douche chin pubes AND metal horns from Dwight Gooden? Quit. It. Now.

I Get My First Start Tonight! Wheeeeeee!!!!

Brady Quinn goes under center tonight for the Browns. He's super excited, amazingly happy! Some might even say, unbeleivably gay!!!

Who's Got Her in the Death Pool?

You're probably going to win.

Why won't someone help her?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michael Crichton Dead at 66

Wow. Didn't see that coming at all. He had cancer and kept it all very private.

R.I.P., you made many people happy.

One Nation Under a Groove

Chickens Must Die for My Hangover

Off to eat wings at The Winking Lizard. Yummy. They should put oyster sauce on the menu. Hangover food that makes you horny, yay!

Ellen said it Best

Sorry, California

It looks like Proposition 8 is going to pass.
They should have listened to Tim Gunn.

This is How I Feel Today

Go look at the fabulous post-election pictures at the HuffPo. And admit it. You cried too.

May I Suggest.....

Sasha and Malia are getting a puppy for being good little soldiers in their Dad's campaign. I think they should get two.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama is the New President

I am thankful and happy beyond words. Yes.

But Can They Play Hockey?

Here's my friend Mandrake with a few hundred new friends he made on vacation in South Africa.

Quote of the Day

History is moving, and it will tend toward hope, or tend toward tragedy.

-George W. Bush

A New Three Stooges Movie?

The Farrelly brothers are slated to do a film version of The Three Stooges that will take place in the modern day. Wait a minute, that sounds familiar. Unbeleivably stupid characters, check. Lots of physical pratfalls, check. Incompetence wins the day? Check.

It was called Dumb and Dumber, and they did it 12 years ago.

Over 1,000 in Line to Vote at Penn State

If this doesn't prove that the youth vote is out in record numbers, I don't know what does. This line had formed by 7am, I assume at the HUB which is where students who live in dorms go to vote.
Interesting fact: only 14,000 were registered to vote in the primaries this past spring. There are 104,000 now registered for the presidential election in Centre County.

Barack Votes in Chicago

Remember that scene in the movie Election where Chris Klein's character votes for Reese Witherspoon because he thinks it's in poor taste to vote for yourself? That one vote made the difference in the election.

My point is, don't think that your vote doesn't count just because some pundit said that Obama is way ahead, or John McCain doesn't stand a chance.

By the way, we had the same no-privacy booths, about 15 of them at my polling place. I had to vote at a table that kept getting nudged by other voters because the booths were all taken. Almost screwed up my ballot 3 times, so be careful bumping people who are filling them out.

Barack Obama on Monday Night Football

He's for playoffs in college football. Not the first thing he needs to do, but it would be awesome.

Happy Birthday Kathy Griffin

You're not his type, Kathy.

Steelers Win 23-6

Big Ben went out with a shoulder injury and Byron Leftwich, the boy who grew up sneaking into Redskins games, stepped up to the plate with 2 touchdowns.

I'm ready for another win, so it's off to the polls!
UPDATE: We got there early, and there was a good turnout. It only took an hour, what a relief. Now we play the waiting game.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Plan Tonight

Going to give the puppy her meds, hope the Steelers win, get a good night's sleep, get up early and vote along with the rest of you. Take a book to the polls because you never know, this is supposed to be the biggest voter turnout on record, and you could be there a while. Can't wait untill it's all over. Sweet dreams everybody.

Barack Obama's Grandma Dies

Apologies forthcoming from Fox news and everyone else who said she wasn't really sick.

Don't hold your breath.

An Open Letter to McCain from Henry Rollins

Love him. Click on the link to find out what he has to say.

Only 15 Hours to Go

Buy This Book

Not just because I'm on the cover, but because she is a great photographer and an amazing human being. A talent and an inspiration. Love you Joyce.

Awesome Goalie Masks

Click on the link to see them all.


Hillary Duff dressed up as Angelina Jolie for Halloween.

She would have made a more convincing Mr. Ed.

Her hockey player boyfriend isn't bad, but Brad Pitt he ain't.

Best Baby Costume

Calling Yourself Something Doesn't Make it So

Last week Beyonce came out and said that she had an alter-ego named Sasha Fierce that comes out of her when she is performing and acts all wild and crazy, unlike her normal, ladylike behavior. Have you ever heard her interviewed? She speaks super slow with a semi-retarded southern drawl and spews nothing but pablum.

Above is the new promo picture for her new album. She looks neither fierce nor Russian, though I do like those shoes.

Quote of the Day

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

-Albert Einstein

Give This Man a Job

Ben affleck hasn't really done much lately but he sure was awesome as Keith Olberman on SNL. 8 minutes of talking too fast and being indignant and he only screwed up once. Now I want to see someone do Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh, just to be fair.

The Diva in Action


Yma Sumac Dead at 86

I love how celebrities create a new identity intended to spark the interest of the public, and we suckers fall for it.

Yma Sumac was an incredible singer who had her heyday in the 1950's. She claimed to hail from Peru, a decendant of Incan royalty.

Her album, Voice of Xtabay sold a half million copies, she starred in movies and even sang at Carnegie Hall.

R.I.P. Amazing lady, and condolences to Billy, who introduced me to her and is probably very sad right now.

Still Hot at 40

This is Helena Christensen.

She is almost 40 years old.

She probably earned a nice paycheck for these Agent Provocateur ads.

She's still effing hot.

I hate Helena Christensen.

Happy Birthday Adam Ant

A happy 54th going out to the guy who invented Revolutionary soldier/Native American/Cowboy drag. Did I leave anything out?

Vote and Get a Free Vibrator!

If you vote and hang on to your "I voted" sticker, you can get a Silver Bullet vibrator or a Maverick coochie sleeve, for free! Unfortunately, this only applies if you live near a Babeland store in N.Y., Seattle or L.A.

Click on the link to read about more free stuff.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great Balls of Com......fort

Be Cool, Black People

Quote of the Day

I've always felt, in all my books, that there is a deep decency in the American people and a native intelligence - providing they have the facts, providing they have the information.
So here we are. We have a choice to make.
-Studs Terkel

McCain on SNL

It was John McCain's turn to use the SNL spotlight to drum up votes, and he didn't do too bad. His wife looks like she's been working for QVC for decades, perfect hand moves.
Don't bother with the Starbucks ad at the end. They're giving away free regular coffee if you vote on Tuesday. I make better stuff at home with day old grounds.

Studs Terkel Dead at 96

He was a Pulitzer prize winning author and a champion of the working man. His books include "Division Street" and "The Good War." I realize that he lived a good, long life, but it would have been nice if he was here to see the first black president of the United States.

Painting by Beverly Fincher.

More Fabulous Costumes

David Kirsch and Heidi Klum