Friday, August 6, 2010

I'd Ride This Just For The Hell Of It

Speaking of mass transit, does anyone know when the super fast railway between Cleveland and Chicago is supposed to happen?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Stupidity of Big Brother

Teenagers With A Plan

French And Saunders Ballerinas

I might just post every single F&R video until I exhaust the youtube supply, then dig into my own vaults. This one exposes the ridiculously high standards of ballet. I never was into it as a kid. I loved football, tennis and board games.
I had one friend that lived and breathed it. She'd show off in her basement, I'd say, "oh, I can do that!" fall on my face in laughter after several terrible pirouettes with equally horrifying facial expressions stolen from The Red Shoes. I don't think she invited me back much after that. Hmm.

Color Photographs From A Very Dreary Time

You have to look at these pictures. They are rare color photographs from the depression and into the forties. The quality is surprisingly good and I love how the colors make the time period seem less nostalgic and more real. A must see.
I love the lady in the red kerchief and her matching red nail polish. That's how I would have done it, Lord knows.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Year Later

I almost forgot! Mr. McSlore and I quit smoking a year ago July 19th. I don't even miss it. Sometimes I light up in my dreams, then immediately put it out in disgust.
Those first days were HELL but it was one of the smartest things I ever did, other than moving to NY with Billy and Kathy, and saying, "what the hell?" whenever something outlandish was suggested.We should all say "what the hell?" more often, except for doing reality shows. Leave that to the professionals who have no souls or conscience.
And let me ask you this- why is it that Lady Bunny doesn't have her own show? Did you see her on Drag U? Such elegance and refined glamour. Miss Andy is missing the boat with that one. I can see the credits rolling on Bravo now- Real Ugly Housecoats of The Meatpacking District. RuPaul can do the reunion specials and Bunny will have it out with Tammie Brown and Dame Edna and Joan Rivers can act as fashion police at all the step & repeats.
What's that, you say? Joan's not a drag queen? Don't be silly.

By the way, the picture is of me lighting up my very last cigarette. Yikes!

Pond Waterfall At Night


Oh, Snap!

I have been moping around for the past day, and this perked me right up.
Not a fan of The Astley, eh?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Fans Of Me And Fans Of TVgasm

I have left TVgasm. It was a long time coming for many reasons, none of which I will go into here. I appreciate everything that Flipit has done for me and the chance he gave me to get back to writing again. I will continue to blog and recap, but from this website. I encourage everyone to keep reading TVgasm since it is a wonderful place to get your TV news and snark, and I hope that you continue to get some from me here as well.
I'm going to concentrate on my family and my golf game and then get back to the housewife bitches on my own schedule. Love you guys and thanks so much for all your support. I love all the friends I have made from the website and hope to continue them here.
Love and Kisses,
Twunty McSlore