Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrity Rehab Is Full Of Trainwrecks AGAIN

A little birdie from California told me that the Salahi White House party crashers will be on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. What do you suppose their addiction will be, Forcing awkward situations on others? Matricidal mania? Supernatural aggrandized Mendacity? The possibilities are endless!

To make matters worse, Michael Lohan has signed on as well, another liar. This guy hides behind the bible he stole from Motel 6 and thinks morality is a ghost from planet Shapeshifter. The good news is that former MLB pitcher Doc Gooden is on as well, and if we're really, really lucky, he'll kick the shit out of Blohan Senior.

Pic from TMZ

According to TMZ, the other 'celebrities' are Bai Ling, Queen of the nip slip, and Jeremy Jackson, Hobie from Baywatch, both of whom are supposed to be clean, or at least they claimed to be until they found out they could get paid to not be. I hate Dr. Drew. People don't get clean if you pay them to do so. You are just encouraging their feelings of entitlement! The entire premise is corrupt but I'll watch just to see him diagnose Missy with fake MS. THAT, I wanna see.

Update: Only Missy will be doing the show. Tarpface ain't quitting the grape any time soon. As a matter of fact, he's stomping Whole Foods finest as we speak!

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