Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saint Louis

I can be an airhead. I didn't realize until two weeks ago that the camera in my phone had a 'solarize' option. I discovered it by accident while I was trying to take a picture of Mr. McSlore's ass in the Ancient Art section of the St. Louis Art Museum. In lieu of showing you his ass, which may not be as fascinating to you as it is to me, I give you the towering statue of Saint Louis out front of the museum-

Here he is, in all his glory, un-solarized. He looks as though he would fit right in with ghost army from Return of the King.

The man depicted here which the city was named after, is King Louis IX of France. Not sure why they chose a dead guy from the 13th century but he makes for a pretty cool statue, and they do have a fair collection of armor in the museum. Nothing like the Met in New York, but who has that kind of funding?

This could do some serious damage to the Jehovahs that keep showing up on my doorstep-

I just love the staircases in and out of the exhibit. The ceiling is gorgeous too. I could live in there. Hey, speaking of which, do any of you remember a children's book about a girl and her little brother that spend the night in the Met? I can't recall the name..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cleveland Is Beautiful

Because I love my adopted city so much, and because we get dumped on way more than is neccessary, I am going to do a lot more pro-Cleveland posts this year. I'm going to highlight the places I love, the art and beauty that surrounds us here in Northeastern Ohio, and basically hammer it down your throat, but tied in a pretty pretty ribbon. 

I took this on the way home from our Adventure In Antiquing.

And this is one of the many heroic statues representing local industry on the refurbished 30s designed Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.

Thank goodness they renovated instead of tearing it down, like they did with most of the mansions on Euclid Ave. Have you ever seen that great book lost New York? I bet they could print one for every city in the Untied States. We should at least try to document what we love while we can.

Ode To Chocolate

I hate most sweets. I'm the last to order dessert, and find myself continually making brownies and cheesecakes for parties, and tasting nary a sweet morsel. I'll eat it if someone else makes it, but only with the gun of politeness pressed firmly into my back. There is one exception, though. Chocolate. Dark and rich and as heavy as the Metal I put into the CD player on an almost daily basis. This is where we come to Lily, the store pictured above.

How do I describe it? Well, for one thing, they pair their homemade truffles with wine! I'm already there, obviously. Then they use crazy Marcel Vigneron stuff to it, without the douchey haircut. Here are some examples:

First up- Red Planet. Red wine black pepper reduction, dark chocolate.
              Hot Mama. Cayenne pepper, Sichuan peppercorn honey, dark chocolate.
              Boozie Suzie. Kirsch soaked french cherries, Kirsch ganach, dark chocolate.
              Red Head. Vintage port ganache, dried blueberries, dark chocolate.
              Mauie Wowie. Madagascar vanilla bean, Hawaiian black lava sea salt, white chocolate.
              Lime. Fresh lime juice, clover honey, white chocolate.
              Forty Winks (my favorite). Lavender bittersweet ganache, dark chocolate.

Order some, they are amazing.


As some of you know, we here chez McSlore are busy transforming one of the bland sun rooms into a Spanish/Moroccan bar/play area. To that end, we hopped into the Slore-mobile, yours truly a wee bit hopped up on caffeine, and trekked over to the Lorain Avenue Antique District (with a stop at Lily's Chocolates, natch). Here are some of our finds.

It starts out innocently enough with a lovely wrought iron hanging lamp that, sadly, was too big for the room.

Then a nice sideboard that was close in color of oakitude to what we wanted, but still not Moorish enough to be an inspiration-

Yes, these were taken NYE, and yes, that's me in the mirror. I didn't notice it until I downloaded the large version, and I turned up Blade Runner photo clicky style. Weird. And why do all these shops throw old Persian rugs under everything? It's just sloppy.

Movie Insult Mash-Up

Some of these are really bad, but some are great.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kibble Crazy Corgi

Someone tell me why I love these spastic little fuckers.

Cuz you're an idiot.

You two.

Monday, January 3, 2011

More Chloe Seven-KNEE

It has recently come to my attention that I love Mainbocher paper dolls and mainlining Chanel no. 5 while reading the Tinsley Mortimer interview in Town & Country. In my Alexander McQueen bird poo splattered panties, of course.

Oh, shoot. I swear to God I wrote Tinsley Mortimer before I heard it in the video above. Just pretend I wrote Dianne Brill or something.

And whatever Mumblecore is, it's my new favorite filum genre.