Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh Dear

And don't give me any of your whining. It has to be true. It's in the bible!

The Eternal Wisdom of Dawn Davenport

I could have played Taffy with one hand tied behind my back. Not that I was a brat or anything, I just liked to act when I was little. I'm still not sure why the neighbors called me "blonde demon."

Friday, June 5, 2009

Briefcase Joe

There are some cute moments here. Eminem should get back into acting. He seems like he's grown up a lot in the last few years. But why doesn't his left eye blink? Is it residual damage from too many Dr. Dre eye squirts? Semen burns something awful. Tip for the day: Close your eyes during facials.

Istanbul With Puppets

Great. Now I'm going to have this song stuck in my head all day.

Why am I such a sucker for this goofy shit?

Conan's Set Designer Be Trippin'

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Gay Best Friend

If I ever treated any of my gay friends like this I'd be beet red from all the bitch slaps.
Thanks, Current TV.

Barbie Foosball

What I want to know is- how long before one of those heads pops off? Two seconds? Maybe it's just an art installation. I really don't know.

Sir Charles Calls His Producer A Pussy

And makes my day. Man, I would love to play golf with this guy. Reggie Miller, not so much.

Watch the Milky Way Go By

Oops. I meant to post this over a week ago when my baby sent it to me and I forgot. It's gorgeous and it almost makes me wish that I didn't live in a big city where it's impossible to see more than a few dozen stars at any given time. I guess that's the trade off for living in Nowheresville, Texas where this was filmed.

The Red Wings on the Cover of Sport's Illustrated

Yeah, it's only available in regional markets where their fan base is located but can I put in one teesy weensy request?

Please, please, please let the legendary SI cover jinx commence. The Pens nation thanks you.

Pure Joy

I am sending this picture out to my friend Mandrake who is not feeling so well right now. You know that I love you. And I know that you can ride out the storm. Big kiss.

The Pens won on Tuesday and just look at the crowd's reaction to Talbot's goal. I love the two little kids on the upper left with their little "holy crap!" expressions and the blow-up doll face on the chick at the far right. There is nothing like an arena full of thousands of screaming fans.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld Steiff Teddy

Must. have. it.
Here's what the website has to say about their new teddy bear:
NEW! Karl Lagerfeld now has a double. The resemblance is absolutely remarkable. Glamour and star appeal: simply fascinating. The incredibly lovable "alter ego" of the world-famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, was born with the Karl Lagerfeld Teddy bear by Steiff. Today, the multi-talented designer is already a living legend. And the Lagerfeld Teddy bear is on its way to baffle the international fashion scene with its outstanding appearance and to inspire all the fans of Steiff and Karl Lagerfeld with its charisma. The Fashion Designer Lagerfeld himself was also enthused when he first heard about the idea to collaborate with the Steiff company to create an original Steiff Karl Lagerfeld Teddy bear. With a healthy dose of humour, a tongue-in-cheek attitude and a dash of curiosity, the master created his bearish likeness with lots of loving attention to detail. The clothing and accessories typical for Lagerfeld are of course an absolute “must” for the Teddy bear as well. The bear made of the finest white alpaca is wearing a white poplin dress shirt with a stand-up collar as well as the characteristic Lagerfeld jeans with patina that give it both an elegant as well as extravagant appearance. The design and patterns for the elegant jacket made of Italian wool originate from the masters studio in Paris. The Teddy bear’s poised, designer appearance is completed by the classic Lagerfeld accessories: a black silk tie with Swarovski crystal, a sophisticated leather belt with the crystal-studded initials “KL” as well as the ever-present trademark of the maestro – the miniature black designer sunglasses from the “Karl Lagerfeld Eyewear” collection. Therefore, the Lagerfeld Teddy bear is not only incredibly sophisticated – is it above all: tres chic, sympathique – tres Lagerfeld. From head to toe. With every fibre of its fur. The Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear is a Limited Edition of 2,500 pieces worldwide and bears a white-gold plated “Button in Ear” as a symbol of its exclusiveness.
Oh, and by the way, that fucker is $1500!!!!!!!!