Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Katie Is A Better Woman Than Me

She dated an asshole who sexually assaulted her and when she broke it off (he was lucky she didn't call the police!), he sent one of his friends to throw sulfuric acid in her face. Nice. I don't think that I could sit where she is, with an acid scarred face, and not want to kill my attacker. Things like this make me so mad I could spit bullets.

You Are Looking At An Avalanche on Mars

Can you find it?
Here's help-


Those Wicked Pissers Over At NBC

I don't stay up too late anymore. The combination of wine and rising at the crack of dawn sort of keeps that from happening on any kind of regular basis. But I do enjoy the clips I find floating around the interwebs the next morning. Conan cracks me up, Letterman still has it once in a while and Craig Ferguson is an underappreciated genius of Scottish blathering. I could try to recap all the crap that has been going down but why bother when Jezebel has done an amazing job for me?


And poor Carson Daly. Check out the videos there to see what I mean.
Every single one they posted at Jezebel is pure genius and the shirts at NBC are producing buckets of flop sweat this morning, I guarantee it.

They Released The Artwork

So why don't the release the damn DVD already! Gosh!

And if any of you know the skinny on when I can get my Lafayette back on, it is your civic duty to inform me. The reward for information involves cheesecake.

It Looks Like We Have Another Geek With Too Much Time On Their Hands

The music is comprised solely of sounds taken from the movie Terminator 2. CRAZY.

Housewives Are Back

We had a two week hiatus from the hoes over the holidays but now they are back in all their stomach turning glory. So, what happened on the show? Go read my recap. It's overshadowed by the news that Simon Blarney filed for divorce from Tamra Sue. What a soap opera, only those are better acted.
I read the dee-vorce papers over at Radar and he doesn't have to put down any reasons for splitting since California is a no-fault state, but he does. Hmmmmm. Bitter, much?
I think that he wants to get back at Tamra for leaving him so he cited disloyalty and infidelity with a heaping side helping of verbal abuse. I always wondered what a typical Sunday dinner in Orange County was like. Now I know.
Here's the link to read my latest take on these whores over at TVgasm-

One more thing, how much do you want to bet that Tamra is diddling her realtor buddy Marcos? He looks a lot like Simon, only he has money, and they do spend an awful lot of time in empty houses with plenty of bedrooms. Naughtay. I hope he starts texting damaging information to Gretchen. How perfect would that be?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Geraniums In January

I am a compulsive gardener. I love plants, look forward to the seed catalogues arriving in January and the first spring bulb popping out of the ground in February. I have a pretty decent green thumb but I'm no Pierre Belon ( he's the one who brought tulips back to Europe from Turkey, among other things).

I have one plant that is insanely healthy. I've over-wintered it in the sunroom two years in a row and it's blooming indoors for the second time! It's like the plant equivelant of Fertile Myrtle. I expect to see little baby Geraniums crapping their pants and drooling on the floor any day now.