Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kenny Scharf's Mural Captured by Billy Beyond

It pays to be in the right place at the right time.

Grog Shop Graffiti

The Grog Shop is a local Cleveland venue for bands and comedians. I've seen everyone from Prong to Doug Stanhope in their dark rooms, and only rarely been disappointed. This past Summer Mr. McSlore played there and we hung out in the dressing room with all of its' fun band graffiti. I'd be surprised if some of this wasn't created by girlfriends of the band. Do you know how boring it can be to be a girlfriend of a guy in a band? No? Well, it's all worth it in my case.

Natural One

Remember the mid 90s? The movie 'Kids?' Remember Sebadoh? Remember Folk Implosion? Oh, I loved me some Lou Barlow. Still do.

Pictures From The New Space Station Cupola

I don't talk about it too much since there is so much housewife crap to discuss lately, but I have a profound love of space. Astronomy and the beauty often found in the outer reaches of our galaxy takes my breath away, as well as our humble planet seen here from about 217 miles out. That's from here in Cleveland to Cincinnatti, or New York to DC. The space station installed a new cupola and here is astronaut photographer Jeffrey Williams with his insane camera.

Here's an Aurora Australis,

And here is my beloved Italy-

The first places I visited in Europe were in Italy. Genoa, Naples and Ravello, on the Amalfi coastline. I fell in love immediately and never wanted to leave. There is something to be said about visiting the lands of your ancestors. It touches you in ways that can sometimes change you permanently, even if your taxi gets chased by horny Neopolitan teenagers all the way from San Giorgio a Cramano to Pompei.

Here's the link, to the pictures, not horny teenagers-

Sonja Morgan's Bankruptcy

Well, isn't this depressing. A week ago Gawker reported that silly sunny Sonja had to file bankruptcy, claiming 19 million in debt against 13 million in assets. The reason for this is not a Giudice spending spree with no intention of paying what she knew she didn't have, this one is due to a film deal gone bad when the big star, John Travolta, pulled out. If only it was to take place in a bath house, none of this would have happened. 

So, my question is, do you think that she is simply protecting her remaining assets from being seized because of the court's $7 million judgement against her? Or is she another devil may care chick who didn't surround herself with the right financial advisors after her divorce? She always seemed a trifle flighty to me, not in a calculated con artist manner, not like the Forehead-less wonder. More like someone who shouldn't have tried to produce a movie without doing her homework. Actually, it's probably both. 

She needs to put her thinking cap on, slide into those fuck-me heels and get back on the prowl again, this time for a fat cat and not a Eurotrash rent boy. Perhaps she could be a restaurant hostess in Dubai? Or she can downsize, like LuLu had to.Whatever she does, we'll be watching and judging. I'm just sad that it's one of my favorites instead of old Poopy Pants. sigh

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nicholas Cage Feels Your Pain

The holiday season is upon us. For some of you that means dealing with Gawd-awful relatives and in-laws, so I give you Nicholas Cage letting all the pain out. Let him take your suffering and release it in catharsis. 

Or you can go ahead and beat the living crap out of your sister-in-law. Take your pick.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: The Turd Cage

I hate to admit to understanding why anyone would cheat on their spouse since I know it is such a touchy subject for most people, but I simply must make an exception. Let's look at some of the facts- Kelsey's a thespian who has made a living playing brilliant characters. Characters so smart that they use ten dollar words like they came out of the womb reading Shakespeare. Cameel can't even use 'pernicious' properly! Oh, and then there's the tiny little fact that she's using her own husband's status as a weapon against other people. Now, THAT'S pernicious behaviour.

Let the evisceration begin, and if she can spell that, I'll watch every episode of Millionaire matchmaker back to back(Hey, Patti, call her! she's single!).

Please tell me she can't spell that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Man Meat Mauricio

Since I won't be done with the recap until tomorrow, here is what we've all been waiting for, what Cameel salivates over every lonely night and Kyle gets to gnaw on at breakfast, lunch and dinner, Mauricio! 

I was thinking about it today and I think that Bravo owes us for swallowing all the 'entertainment' they send our way, the Jill Zarins, the Salahis, the Mallard Mouths. They owe us BIG and I would like to see them start with an entire day of hot men chosen by us, the loyal viewer. You know who I want. Who would you ask Miss Andy to oil up and put on display? It's nearing Christmas. We've been good!