Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Didn't See Blood Today...

But this makes up for it. Keep in mind that this happened in ONE GAME.

Joel McHale Is My Hero

Lake Erie Monsters

They may not be my beloved Pens, but I'm off to my first hockey game of the season. Let there be blood!!!!!!!!!!

Et tu, Harry?

We all know what jazz hands are. These are douche hands. Who will be next? Nelson Mandela? The Dalai Lama? Willard Scott?

Like Cougars? Feeling Generous?

Hungry too? The same Cape May ladies who did a peek-a-boo style nude calendar have done a cookbook this year. All the proceeds go to charity for one of their grandsons who was badly injured in a swimming accident. It's the perfect holiday gift for any cubs you might happen to know. It's cheap too!

Friday, October 17, 2008

And By The Way

Lock up your booze before adopting. They can be pretty sneaky.

Animals Love People

Do you love animals? Then adopt one. I don't want to hear any excuses. I wouldn't have the beautiful dogs that I have now if someone had been responsible and taken care of them so they didn't have to be adopted. I'm lucky. They are wonderful. I don't plan on doing too many personal posts but when it comes to defenseless animals and children it doesn't get more personal than that to me. Do the right thing. Adopt. Some people can't afford to keep them any more due to the economic climate we are in, so get yourself a Spot or a Fluffy. Save a life.

Show Your Support

Devo and the Black Keys are playing Akron's Civic Theater tonight in a fundraiser for Obama. So go, and pogo for me.

I Sense A Theme Today...

Now your car smells much douchier!!!

We'll Find Out Sunday

Geuss who's probably going to endorse Obama?
UPDATE: He sure did. Wonder if he'll end up with a cabinet position.

I Hope It Pecks His Eyes Out

Don't beleive that Putin is an evil dictator? Read the October Vanity Fair, then read this;


I'm pretty sure that Billy Beyond would approve this message.

Look Who's Back

If you see this guy heading in your direction, run the other way. Mystery, Mystery, Mystery. Someone needs to bitchslap this douche. Seriously, how does a guy with goggles and long leather coat get so much poonana? He's like Neo if Neo was an uberdouche who lived in the Hollywood Hills supporting himself dealing Roofies.

Edie Adams Dead

Sad today. But good memories too. She was married to true genius Ernie Kovacs. It seems like no one from that era is around anymore. Seriously, I can't think of anyone except Doris Day.