Saturday, January 9, 2010

Casey Johnson Sensationalism

By now you might have heard about the death of the Johnson & Johnson heiress and all the lurid details that are all over the media and a certain trashy realty troll's Twitter. Well, unsurprisingly, a lot of it is lies. She was severely diabetic, the realationship with the troll was just for publicity and she did not live in a Grey Gardens-esque hovel with rats swimming in the pool and black mold on the walls. I mean, does the picture above look like a shithole? I think not. It actually looks a bit like my own backyard, with the little pond and all the plants.

If only it looked like that now. Unfortunately, we are under a foot and a half of snow.
Anyway, there's a good, calm sensible article in the New York Social Diary with more pictures and info.


I'd love to have a bunny or a hamster or a pikachu but one of the dogs would probably eat them. Sad. I remember winning a goldfish once at the Italian Festival with Billy and waking up that night to my cat killing it in its fishbowl in 0.05 seconds. Don't need to relive that moment with a furry little creature and a 50 pound dog.

Oh, The Humanity!

The tears are flowing like a river in West Hollywood at the sight of all that cocaine going up in flames. They had to burn their shoes after filming because they were each walking around with an 8 ball in their treads.
No Reservations starts back up on the Travel Channel this Monday night at 10.

Should A Guy Go To Jail For This?

An older gentlemen left this note on a comment card he found in the seat pocket in front of him on a flight to Maui-
I thought I was going to die, we were so high up, I thought to myself: I hope we don’t crash and burn or worse yet landing in the ocean (?) through it, only to be eaten by sharks, or worse yet end up on some place like Gilligan’s island stranded, or worse yet be eaten by a tribe of headhunters, speaking of headhunters why do they eat outsiders and not the family members? Strange…and what if the plane ripped apart in mid-flight and we plummeted to earth, landed on Gilligan’s Island and then lived through it, and the only woman there was Mrs. Thurston Howell III? No MaryAnne (my favorite), no Ginger – just lovely! If it were just her, I think I’d opt for the sharks, maybe the headhunters.

They are charging him with interfering with the crew, a felony! What the hell? Couldn't they do their jobs through their laughter? I say, give him a mental evaluation, an ascot and a highball and send him on his way back to Sunnydale. Seriously.

Is Rudy Getting Senile?

Rachel, will you marry me? This woman is the best thing to happen to political reporting since Keith Olberman. I simply love her.
Here she is skewering Guiliani for the comments he recently made about there being no terrorist attacks on our soil during the Bush administration.

Celebrity Rehab

The past few days have been taken up with one thing- Celebrity Rehab. I watched it three times, recapped it for TVgasm and interviewed the producer. I haven't even watched the Housewives yet, and spoken about Simon filing for divorce! Sheesh. But I'll get to that later.
So, our people this season are Dennis Rodman, Mindy McCready, Mike Starr from Alice In Chains, Makenzie Phillips, Lisa D'Amato from ANTM, Heidi Fleiss, and Joey from Real World Hollywood. Later on we're going to get Tom Sizemore, who producer John Irwin has been trying to get for three years now, and Kari Anne Peniche, former Miss Teen USA.
Oh my God, the hate on the boards for that girl. You'd think she blew Dr. Drew or something. The truth is that she has some pretty serious mental health issues and just in case you were wondering, John assured me that every person who appears on the show is an addict. Some don't know it yet, but they are.
Dennis is turning out to be a big brat, Heidi is surprisingly endearing and Mike Starr gets high with his dad. HIS DAD. There are so many levels of fucked up this season, so I encourage you to read the recap at TVgasm.
Here's the link-

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hooker Couture

Lindsay Lohan has new designs for all you gals who like to work in a, shall we say, non-standing position. Most of the line retails for over a hundred dollars, so get blowing!

Just to keep thing extra klassy, Henri Levy is her backer. Who else does he back, you ask? None other than Ed Hardy.

So, if your friend who spent years sketching and sewing, then honing their craft at Parsons, F.I.T. or Kent State, starts to wonder why they can't find work- look no further. Tell them that they might have stood a chance if only their parents had pushed them into child stardom, allowing them to grow up into hot messes of staggering Courtney Love proportions. When does her line come out, by the way?

Ralphie! You'll Wear That Every Time Your Aunt Comes To Visit, And Like It!

This is the cutest thing that I've found on the internet in a long time, courtesy of linus in hats.