Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boobie Tomato

That is all.

Your Woodchuck Centerpiece Is Delightful

Huh? Carnations from Dave's Marketplace across the street were too expensive? Wait, is it ART? Whatever it is, it would earn a C+ at most from my old wood shop teacher. Note the glue gun goop at the top that is keeping the dowel rod stems in place. Gotta think on your feet, you know.

This was the beautiful table decor we enjoyed at Alladin's in Cedar Fairmount yesterday. Lebanese/Middle Eastern cuisine. I had the Kabob Roll with succulently grilled filet medallions and it was yummy, except for the pickled turnips. They reminded me of a trip I took to Budapest in 1988. I stayed in an 'executive' hotel while we were shooting the Fall Matsuda catalog, and I raced down the stairs when I was told that they had a salad bar. Guess what? Everything was pickled! The tomatoes, the cucumbers, the cabbage and carrots.

It was beyond nasty and I spent rest of the trip trying to make a bag of Goldfish last two days, then eating blintzes with jam. Here's a picture from that shoot.

I think I lost five pounds on that trip. It could have been the food, but it could have been the smell of the chickens on the Soviet Airbus we flew in on. Hard to say.

Fight Like A (Girly)Man

Clutch those pearls, mary. We have a fight on our hands. Sadly, it's difficult to land any truly damaging punches when you are limp wristed. I'd still pull up a chair, though. Wake me up when the queen in the white shirt learns to put his back into it.
Note to parents out there: enroll your fledging gaylings in self defense classes and save them a lifetime of YouTube embarrassment later.
One more thing- what exactly is a gay hipster? Aren't all gay men hip by definition? Except the ones on People of Walmart. Those gays are more in the Buffalo Bill mode. They wear shirts like this while perusing the beef jerky and cheesy poofs.