Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Almost Barracuda Time

Camille needs to get laid. Russell dances about as well as a drowning Emo doll. Stretch wouldn't have rhythm if it you could get it injected at the doctor's office. Ken is starting to remind me of Richard Branson, Adrienne looks like she's going to kill someone and Mauricio wants me. Can't wait til tonight!


Prodigal Cheez said...

I think I like this inception of the RH franchise the most because it's over the top in some ways, but totally relatable in a real world context .

The women's reactions to Camille-toe's "friend" Nick showing up, and how she behaved around their husbands was exactly how my friends and I would react if some woman we knew did it at a dinner party or club, or joined the boys while we sat off to the side. It would not fly.

I still see Kyle as undermining to Kim. When she made that crack about her taste in men at that dinner party I could see how alienated Kim felt - then her loneliness in Vegas was really sad. I think Kyle gets away with a lot because she's funny, and she likes to be a little shocking - but I think she's got a mean-streak.

Lisa Van der Pump is awesome - and I LOVED her crack in the bathroom about Camille-toe's blush. I noticed her husband seemed to be the only one not really paying attention to C-toe. The Maloof's husband though... bad move, bad, bad move. Ad was pissed, and for good reason. I would have killed him after that trip was over.

twunty mcslore said...

Agree with you on everything. Shocking, I know.

You want to hear something strange? I am getting a ton of hits from people Googling "what kind of dog is Mr. Jiggy?" Mr. Jiggy! They ask Google so sweetly and politely it cracks me up. Maybe it's Cedric.

Robin said...
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chemgal said...

I have to say if my husband offered a woman $5 I would probably laugh - at her! While I don't have anything against stripping as a profession in theory, it seems to be filled with women with histories of abuse - both their own abuse at the hands of others and their abuse of mind numbing substances. So Ad's husbands reaction that she should be tipped like a stripper was to me, more of a put down on Camille. Plus, I would rather deal with my husband being open and up front in a joking manner about another woman's blatant attempts to turn the entire group of men on than Russell's pretending to dance with his wife but sneaking little glances.

Anonymous said...

I really didn't get the impression that Ad was that bothered- at first. Like when Camille started dancing with the other ladies and it was just silly, even the $5 bill thing.

But then girl just kept at it, like their was a prize for: "Most Awkward Gyrations for a Consecutive Period of Time by a Housewife: Beverly Hills". I think that was what got to Ad and all the other women. Camille, at some point or another, directed her stank in each and every one of the mens directions. Blech.

And what is with the weird seething/almost panting Camille does in her interviews. I guess she's going for "righteous anger", but when she was interviewing after her fight with Kyle (which Lisa seems to believe is 100% bullshit) she was like, HEAVING: "DO NOT THROW JABS AT ME". I loved that Lisa all but said to her: "Oh, dahhling, you are such an imbecile."

Is it possible to have TWO wonky eyes because I think Camille does. And my sincere apologies, because it's now almost all you're gonna be able to concentrate on when she graces the screen.


tnbelle1123 said...

I felt kinda bad for Adrienne (Ad) on the Vegas trip. She not only looked mortified at horse-face Taylor (poor Sparkles...I hope he has a good home!)trying to be sexy with the cotton candy...something I hope to NEVER witness again, but then again when Camille looked like she was auditioning for Stripper #1 in the remake of "Showgirls".

Damn, I just realized that was a long sentence!

I can't wait to read you take on it Twunty!

And how sweet was Mauricio with the baby, Portia! :-)