Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caption The Housewife

Halloween edition!


Classy Drunk said...

HEHEHEHEH!!! I really hate to laugh at people's kids, but you calling Teresa's kids monkey babies caused me to pop the buttons on my pants laughing. (I have been trying to suck in all day)

twunty mcslore said...

I always knew I liked you.

I've made a sport of inhaling and aiming my pants' buttons. it's like playing quarters around here.

chemgal said...

Classy, don't suck in, that's what rubber bands are for.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, is Princess On The Left even RELATED to the rest of that bunch? She's like Marilyn from The Munsters.



twunty mcslore said...

lol, @ Munsters! I think Gabrielle is really the product of a lab experiment trying to combine human and simian DNA.

Prodigal Cheez said...

Well Simon is staying true to his deeply closeted and ambiguous sexual identity as Marc Antony.

Now the one on on the bottom - are the doing a remake of Pretty Baby? Because that is brilliant casting, especially with Teresa playing the part of Nell, which was horrifically overacted by the equally garish Frances Faye.

twunty mcslore said...

Crap, Pretty Baby. Did Terry write that shit?

Anyhoo, I just HAD to go to the anagram generator. For Simon:

Spank me, move in

One vamp kinsmen

Men on imp knaves

pink venom manse

And the monkey mommy!:

Crude gaities

Greet a suicide

Dire cage suite

AND my favorite:

Rage cuties die

I love this stuff. It's so much fun! Almost better than making Camille poop analogies! (Gotta find that IBS PSA)