Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SNL Takes on Kellogg's

Screw you, Kellogg's. You didn't rehire a guy because he was caught smoking pot but you had no problem hiring him when he had a DUI conviction. Drunk drivers kill people, not stoners. What a bunch of hypocrites. Did you know that there is a facebook page devoted to boycotting Kellogg's? It might work because it's just a cereal company but I don't think that if it were Taco Bell or Frito Lay it would work. I don't think any stoners could give up something they live on. Here's what Michael Phelps had to say about the SNL bit:

Said Phelps: "I saw the SNL skit [Sunday morning] and I was just dying. We definitely got a huge kick out of it. My mom saw it, my sisters saw it, and everyone was e-mailing each other and sending each other the link, so it was pretty good."

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