Thursday, March 19, 2009

R.I.P. Natasha Richardson

1963- 2009

I really hate to be wrong, especially in this case. I thought that Jade Goody would be the next to go, I mean she's already laid up half conscious on a 24/7 morphine drip. But no, it had to be Natasha. Gorgeous, classy, talented and respected, plus married to Liam Neeson who I hear is packing very large. So sad. Can you imagine? You tumble down a bunny hill at a ski resort and die? My friends would never stop with the jokes, I could be 30 years in the grave and they'd still joke that it was my last 'blonde moment.'
Anyway, my heart goes out to her entire family, especially her kids and her mom. It has to be God awful to bury a child.

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