Friday, March 20, 2009

Line Up, Ladies

Meet Brad Gellert. He is a soon to be single guy living in Florida, the state that ranks third behind New Jersey and California in producing douchebags. I think this guy is trying to single-handedly move his state up in the rankings. Look at his shirt! That is what he was wearing when the cops picked him up for choking and beating his wife. So if you come home and your husband is wearing this t-shirt don't go, "Awwww, honey! That's so sweet!" Run for your life.

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly choking his wife during an argument in their Tampa-area home. According to a police report, the 32-year-old financial consultant got into an argument with his wife and “screamed at the victim and threw numerous items.” He then allegedly “grabbed the victim’s neck and strangled her,” which “prevented the victim from breathing normally.” [as strangulation so often tends to do] Gellert’s wife subsequently fled the couple’s Apollo Beach home and went to a nearby sheriff’s office to report the incident. Investigators noted that the woman had been “taken to the ground by the arrestee [clearly employing the "ground & pound" method of spousal abuse] and suffered an abrasion to her knee and red marks on her neck.” [TSG]

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