Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Missing Manchester Tennessee

It is 25 degrees here in Cleveland and I am trying to channel the heat of Bonnaroo last June. We were sweating our asses off and the only thing that made it bearable was the copious amounts of beer and wine we consumed. If you haven't gotten your tickets for next year, do it now! We got the early $200 ones and they were gone within a few days. Hopefully there won't be any Kanye style fiasco this year. And for any newbies out there, it is the only time it is okay to wear Crocs. God will forgive you since you have to walk miles through dust and mud and spray your feet down every half hour.
And no, that is not your imagination. That purple guy in the photo above made his outfit out of Crown Royal bags. Love at first sight. We haven't set a date yet for the nuptuals, but I guarantee it will be whiskeylicious.

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