Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ode To Chocolate

I hate most sweets. I'm the last to order dessert, and find myself continually making brownies and cheesecakes for parties, and tasting nary a sweet morsel. I'll eat it if someone else makes it, but only with the gun of politeness pressed firmly into my back. There is one exception, though. Chocolate. Dark and rich and as heavy as the Metal I put into the CD player on an almost daily basis. This is where we come to Lily, the store pictured above.

How do I describe it? Well, for one thing, they pair their homemade truffles with wine! I'm already there, obviously. Then they use crazy Marcel Vigneron stuff to it, without the douchey haircut. Here are some examples:

First up- Red Planet. Red wine black pepper reduction, dark chocolate.
              Hot Mama. Cayenne pepper, Sichuan peppercorn honey, dark chocolate.
              Boozie Suzie. Kirsch soaked french cherries, Kirsch ganach, dark chocolate.
              Red Head. Vintage port ganache, dried blueberries, dark chocolate.
              Mauie Wowie. Madagascar vanilla bean, Hawaiian black lava sea salt, white chocolate.
              Lime. Fresh lime juice, clover honey, white chocolate.
              Forty Winks (my favorite). Lavender bittersweet ganache, dark chocolate.

Order some, they are amazing.

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