Thursday, January 6, 2011


As some of you know, we here chez McSlore are busy transforming one of the bland sun rooms into a Spanish/Moroccan bar/play area. To that end, we hopped into the Slore-mobile, yours truly a wee bit hopped up on caffeine, and trekked over to the Lorain Avenue Antique District (with a stop at Lily's Chocolates, natch). Here are some of our finds.

It starts out innocently enough with a lovely wrought iron hanging lamp that, sadly, was too big for the room.

Then a nice sideboard that was close in color of oakitude to what we wanted, but still not Moorish enough to be an inspiration-

Yes, these were taken NYE, and yes, that's me in the mirror. I didn't notice it until I downloaded the large version, and I turned up Blade Runner photo clicky style. Weird. And why do all these shops throw old Persian rugs under everything? It's just sloppy.

I LOVE this window. I have no use for it, but I think it's beautiful. Maybe I could just lean it against a tree next to a wicker chair in some kind of outdoor room/Merchant Ivory scenic tableau? Hmm.

Then, I turn a corner and my eyes get assaulted by the most nightmarish dolls I have ever seen.

I was fascinated but didn't want to touch them, for fear that they were made of human hair or something. Ugly bitches.

The guy behind the counter had no idea where they came from. That's because THEY'RE FROM HELL.

Olde timey toys. I love these old metal wind up thingymabobs, don't you?

We had the mail box as kids. It had no purpose whatsoever. Who grows up saying, "I wanna be a mailman!" Pfft.

I think I was an Art Nouveau model in a past life. Here's proof- this lamp's tipsy meh face and twee pose. Oh, she's having fun alright, having fun raiding Mr. Beardsley's liquor cabinet every time he pops out for a smoke.

This table- WOW. Too expensive, though. I did not win the Mega Millions or it would be in the library right now.

His and Hers Adams Family chairs. You know, just in case. 

Just throw them up onto that old bar, and hang Puggsly's old baby carriage from the ceiling while you're at it. Space comes at a premium in these joints, you know.

Where moth balls go to die-

You just never know where Hedy will turn up!

For the person that has everything. A magical lamp made out of popscicle sticks!

No. Words.

In closing, this is for all you 'Mandy' fans and those who go cuckoo for 'Copacabana.'

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