Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cleveland Is Beautiful

Because I love my adopted city so much, and because we get dumped on way more than is neccessary, I am going to do a lot more pro-Cleveland posts this year. I'm going to highlight the places I love, the art and beauty that surrounds us here in Northeastern Ohio, and basically hammer it down your throat, but tied in a pretty pretty ribbon. 

I took this on the way home from our Adventure In Antiquing.

And this is one of the many heroic statues representing local industry on the refurbished 30s designed Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.

Thank goodness they renovated instead of tearing it down, like they did with most of the mansions on Euclid Ave. Have you ever seen that great book lost New York? I bet they could print one for every city in the Untied States. We should at least try to document what we love while we can.

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