Saturday, March 26, 2011

Orchid Mania At The Cleveland Botanical Gardens

It's a good thing that we went to see all the gorgeous orchids today since it ends tomorrow! Oops! 
The place was packed and I apologise for the sweats wearing heathens in the first picture. Cleveland is not exactly known for being a fashion mecca.

A bunch more after the jump.

These remind me of the ensalata bisteca we had yesterday at Brio. Yummy!

Sorry for the photos that are a wee bit out of focus. I forgot the big camera and had to use my phone. Here are some from Mr. McSlore's phone-

This was the best orchid show by far, thousands instead of hundreds like there usually are, and it felt really good to wander amongst them in rainforest-like conditions while it was 28 degrees outside.

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