Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Patti Labelle On WWHL

Okay. I didn't watch the whole thing so someone explain to me how Miss Andy got The Goddess Patti Labelle to play one of his stupid games on Watch What Happens Live? Trash like Patti Stanger I get, but a living legend like La Labelle? She gives one fierce side-eye as well.

Bitch, who are you and why are you holding my hand?

Did you notice that she wasn't wearing shoes? Miss Andy is back to his old tricks again. He must have quite a collection of pumps by now.

He ropes her into playing a new version of Good For The Jews/Bad For The Jews or whatever the Hell it was called only this time he puts up pictures of Patti's actual friends and asks her to declare whether they are bougie, ghetto or boughetto. AS IF. She pulls the old lady excuse out and says that she can't see the monitor. She had no problem recognizing Miley, though!

Um, I don't know Andy, ghetto? She looks like ASS? I feel a doody coming on.....Pooghetto?

After L'il Kim gets a pass, they call CoCo a hot mess and then she's asked to rate herself from back when hairstyles could be considered a dangerous weapon, or something a really talented avante garde fan of Issey Miyake might come up with. 


Whoever did that hair is obviously incredibly talented with a flat iron. Do you remember the old ones? NASTY. My sister's friend in High School had one of those. I was at her house once when she was using it. She turned the stove on, put the iron on it and the entire place filled up with the aroma of Murray's Hair Pomade and whatever cooking grease had splattered from dinner. I'm going to let you decide where that special moment fits on Andy's Bougie spectrum.

And one more thing. I was wrong last week. Phakedra is clearly in her 12th trimester. I stand corrected.


Anonymous said...
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Classy Drunk said...

This episode of WWHL was classic. Miss Patti wasn't having any of Andy's shit. PERIOD. I love when Andy gets nervous because he starts slobbering and his eye is even more wonky than normal.

twunty mcslore said...

I KNOW. He wants to play his stupid little games but Miss LaBelle was NOT HAVING IT. If cutting side eyes were words he'd be curled up in a ball and crying for his mommy.

He is so full of campyfail. "I'm so funny with my wine and tchotchkes and silly pop culture games!" They need to let Kathy Griffin run the show, or the 12 year old neice of the production mamager. It couldn't get any worse, right?