Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jill Is Going To LOVE This

Look who is going to appear on Skating With The Dying Embers of Fame, it's Lady B! She has some real guts to compete in a sport that is clearly dominated by The Zarin. How on earth is she going to top Jill's face plant of perfection? How dare she even try!

Seriously, you just know that Jill is going to be on her knees to whatever devil she made the deal with to make Bethenny fall/fail. And since none of you asked for it, here's a reminder of the hated one's Ice Castle moment from last year's Fantasy Holiday Party of Pfffffttt.

Oh, and for those of you that don't mind sleeping on bedding that has the same color scheme as Jill's stroke inducing living room, you're in luck. Her BB&B collection is out, and it's priced to not-sell at just under $200!

Who designed that pattern, Ginger?

I think Jill just traced her tinkle and sent it in. I've seen better stuff in the Delia's catalog and you don't need to be a Diamond Saks card carrier to afford it.

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