Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tony Hart Dead at 83

This is for any UK readers out there and my artist friends. Tony Hart was well known throughout Great Britain for his children's shows, Take Hart and Hartbeat. He taught children craft projects and encouraged their creativity through drawing. He held drawing competitions and would display the winner's artwork on the wall during his show. He won several Baftas and had a popular plasticine character sidekick that he called Morph. (he looks a little like Hanky, the Christmas poo from Southpark) Unfortunately he suffered two debilitating strokes and was left with no choice but to retire in 2000.

He told The Times: 'Today my studio lies abandoned, and I spend most of my day confined to my chair.
'Not being able to draw is the greatest cross that I have to bear, for it has been my lifetime passion. But, I endeavour to stay cheerful, as there is nothing to be done about my condition.'

He passed away early this morning from complications stemming from his strokes.

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