Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama's Whistle Stop Train Trip

This brings back memories of watching old news reels where Roosevelt or Truman would be smiling and waving from the back of the last train car, campaigning across the nation in the most efficient way available at the time. Only this time the campaign is over and we are about to have our first black president. I loved watching the videos on CNN of all the people smiling, crying and waving as our next president waved and smiled back. It was a nice gift to all the supporters on the east coast, and another way of showing how connected he is to the people who got him elected. What a breath of fresh air! Someone in power who talks to people and not down to them. Someone who cares about people's concerns and not just fattening the wallets of the 'good old boy' club. I hope that Barack enjoys these last couple of days before he is inaugurated. I hope he gets tipsy, smokes a doobie with the press corp, has some wild hanky panky with his wife and takes a long deep cleansing breath before thing become very serious very quickly. He has a long, hard road ahead of him, as do most of the rest of us. Good luck and God protect us all.

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