Friday, January 23, 2009

Polar Bears and Climate Change

Did anyone watch the PBS program that was broadcast last night about how the Polar Bears are losing their feeding grounds at such a rapid rate they are venturing into Grizzly Bear territory? It's another frightening reality in the on-going plight of these majestic animals. I watched the "Planet Earth" series and it was brutal to see how they are starving to death and starting to become the prey instead of the predator. One became so desperately hungry that he tried to hunt a walrus and ended up being fatally mauled. This would have never happened just a scant few years ago.

Even sadder still, I'm sure I'm not alone when I admit that I don't want to watch this kind of heartache playing out right before my eyes, so I avoid it altogether. That begs the question, are they getting the attention they deserve and so desperately need? Are the ratings for these programs so low that the producers will be forced by funding issues to concentrate on only what will bring about high ratings and more money? I beleive that apathy kills, so please watch these shows and talk about it. Write to your congressman or woman, visit the conservation websites and donate, if you can. I would hate to see the day where the only Polar bears on the planet are living in zoos. Let's not allow them to fall through the cracks during these tough times.
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