Monday, April 4, 2011

Wining And Dining While Pregnant

I took a break today and wandered around the internet where I found this picture of Kate Hudson enjoying a glass of wine in Argentina while pregnant. I've never had kids so I've never had this conversation with an OBGYN, but some of you have taken that leap and I wondered what your thoughts were. My only experience with it was serving a lady in her ninth month and she assured me that her doctor was fine with it. Why not let the baby enter the world with a wee buzz on, you know? Knock out some of the trauma, which in some cases (Rapey Eyes) leaves you scarred for life. 

As long as it isn't Kitty Dukakis style drinking and you aren't reliving The Lost Weekend, I'm pretty sure your kid isn't going to come out missing half a spinal chord or with the brain power of a Tamra.

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