Friday, April 29, 2011

What A Wacky Wedding

Kate and Wills got married. It was unbelievable upper crusty and foo-foo fabulous! Pfft. Princess Kate of the Anorexics wore a stunningly simple gown which was no surprise at all considering what a Sloane Ranger she is.

If I had any criticism at all, it would be that no one fed her leading up to the big day. Her figure wasn't THAT bad but her face was rather wan. Overall, I give the look a hearty meh.

Fashion-wise, there were some mis-steps, to put it mildly, and why do some of the women feel the need to glue a hat to their forehead? That trend needs to DIE before this happens. Just look at Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice-

Now I know who got all the looks in the family.

I have no idea why they did that. Does their stylist hate them? I know why Tara Palmer Tomkinson wore hers, to distract from her collapsed coke nose. Gah, why do know that and why do I read horribly backwards and misogynistic Daily Fail?

So that's where Tinky-Winky went!

Even Posh got in on the act, pairing hers with a funeral tablecloth.

Okay, Posh who?

To be fair, no one really notices her when he's around. Thank God he used a comb today and didn't decide to wear that stupid shoelace headband he sports in Galaxy games. Once again, why do I even know this? 

The queen was all smiles in yellow, Sir Elton looked the same as everyone else in his morning suit and this lady took the largest orange peony she could find and plastered it to the side of her head.

Here's one look I loved (thanks for reminding me, tnbelle!), Zara Phillips. She has a cute belted coat and I LOVE the shoes. They aren't sky high Louboutins, nor do they have a stripper heel. Fancy that!

British ladies and their hats. You will have to pry them from their cold dead heads. A hundred years from now we'll all be wearing space suits and they'll still be gluing giant gumdrops and dead buzzards onto their skulls. 
Ta ta, t'ra!

Pictures from The Daily Mail

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