Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pictures From The New Space Station Cupola

I don't talk about it too much since there is so much housewife crap to discuss lately, but I have a profound love of space. Astronomy and the beauty often found in the outer reaches of our galaxy takes my breath away, as well as our humble planet seen here from about 217 miles out. That's from here in Cleveland to Cincinnatti, or New York to DC. The space station installed a new cupola and here is astronaut photographer Jeffrey Williams with his insane camera.

Here's an Aurora Australis,

And here is my beloved Italy-

The first places I visited in Europe were in Italy. Genoa, Naples and Ravello, on the Amalfi coastline. I fell in love immediately and never wanted to leave. There is something to be said about visiting the lands of your ancestors. It touches you in ways that can sometimes change you permanently, even if your taxi gets chased by horny Neopolitan teenagers all the way from San Giorgio a Cramano to Pompei.

Here's the link, to the pictures, not horny teenagers-

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