Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

Some of you people are so freaking hard to buy for. What do you give to the asshole that has everything, or the picky bitch with the insanely undeserved high standards. Why, you buy them funny crap! Here's where-
For me when I'm not drinking-

For junior-

We got the catalog in the mail today and Mr. McSlore is sitting on the couch snickering over it right now. If he thinks he can get away with giving me maple bacon flavored caffeinated lollipops instead of joorey HE IS OUT OF HIS MIND.

By the way, I picked some stuff out for you guys, after the jump. If you can't figure out what it is, just hover over the pic. It should say. Hope you like it! If not, you are an ungrateful child and you'll be lucky to get a shoe up your ass, compliments of moi.

For PottyMouth. Just in case Psycho Bob starts peeking in her windows again.
For Mari, on her 'Free lunch' days in Cali with Mariah Carey.
For Shanti, to snuggle with while watching Walking Dead.
For Badass Classy Drunk so she can sign those alley Karaoke autographs in style.
For Chemgal and her glowbabies:
For Sheesh, to make her life easier while she works and ignores hot men:
For Bob, because I know he's got it in him:
For Tvaholic because you never know when you're gonna need it:
For Prodigal, send 'em out, baby! If you get any more stalkers, I'm changing your name to Jodi.
For Leenieva, I'll fill it up for you first, promise!
For Jerseychick, you can use this at the baboon auction and get me that damn mirra!

For Skatt. I am sorry but your name reminds me of poo, and poo reminds me of babies, and babies remind me of...

For Cissie. I'ma hit you with it and steal that ring:
For kdfinjpn. Leather's 3rd grade portrait:

For Robin. I spoke to Mr. Robin. He has agreed to try it out.
For MsAloha. You live in Hawaii. You already have everything!

For MAC, in honor of all the computers he has single handedly coated in spooge:
For Olderandwiser. You old ladies love your cats, right?

For Cameel. I'm sticking it in her toilet.
If I forgot anybody, I apologise. It's the holidays, I'm stressed!!!!

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