Monday, November 29, 2010

LMLMB's First Queasy Freebie

You know how much I love Cameel. She's just an inspiration to gals the world over who aspire to work a stripper pole without sliding back down it due to those unexpected squirts. SO, this is my first ever contest, and the prize will be.......ImodiumAD and some gibrone hair remover that I have lying around the house. You don't want to worry about any pesky dingles when you've got the runs, now do you? Okay, so the contest. I had to choose this topic. My Jersey friend That Must Remain Nameless suggested it, and you just don't say no to her.

It's simple. What's the coolest thing you've ever done? And you know damn well I will be sweetening the deal with more than the crap described above. Anything for my Twunderers. And just ignore those nursing pads. It was ages ago, and I changed my mind. The guy that knocked me up wasn't cute enough. Who wants an ugly baby?

Oopsy. Almost forgot. The deadline is 10p.m. EST on Thurday. Get 'em in before the next RhoBH.

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