Friday, October 15, 2010


It's the weekend. Make him proud.


Prodigal Cheez said...

OKay well I'm about 2 hours into my weekend, and these are the sins I've committed so far:

Gluttony: It was a Crabstravaganza at the Clam Bar (it's just a seafood shack not a lesbian piano bar). I ate a LOT. Plus a Whiskey Sour, although I ditched the potato.

Pride: I obsessively applied lipstick after each dive into the drawn butter.

Lust: I lusted after the bartender, especially after he gave me a free drink.

Sloth: I should do some crunches on the yoga ball, but fuck it - I'm about to catch up on some Beverly Hills House-ho's.

twunty mcslore said...

My sins-

Eating ice cream in bed and then shoving the dog when she tried to lick the bowl. So, that's gluttony AND wrath, no?

Pride- my nails are now a lovely shade of blackberry and I trimmed my hair.

More gluttony- I drank even more last night than I did the night before. It started with a lusty syrah at a Thai restaurant where I ate wild boar in a coconut red curry sauce. No bartenders to lust after, just some squawking ladies by the cash register who go from crazed macaws to humble wait staff whenever patrons pass by. It's like a freaking Mad TV skit in that place.

tnbelle1123 said...

so far this weekend, i have been lazy, doing nothing but watching TV and having lust sessions with Boyfriend.

And how do I let y'all know that it's me, Mari, since I show up as tnbelle, and y'all have no clue who this newbie is who acts like she knows y'all! LOL

on to more tv...Boyfriend is grilling...yummy! :-)


Prodigal Cheez said...

I know you it's you @marijai!

Did you catch the DC reunion? Wowsa. I can't wait until next week! Missy Salami is a crazy, crazy bitch!

RHOBH looks like the best one yet, I can't wait to see Twunty's recap!!!!!

My favorite line (said in haughty British accent), "She was dahncing with a sawt of PANTomime... LION."


Prodigal Cheez said...

Here's my sin update:

Envy: I envied my parents warm weather in FL, while I sit here freezing my ass off and raking wet leaves!

Anger: At my scale for making me feel bad by giving me some ridiculously high read out. I hope it's under warranty because it's clearly NOT working!

Robin said...

I am just trying to pop the bubbles on the Homepage with my cursor.

Hi Mari :-) Good to see you.