Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For The Girl Who Has Everything

Christmas is coming, sooner than you think, and you know I love my joorey!
Anyhoo, after a long weekend in Chicago, full of emotion and foodie heaven, I am back. I will be posting an Atlanta recap later today but it will be shorter than last week because I have to save up some snark for the Beverly Hills bitches. Besides, Atlanta is getting pretty predictable- confrontations, phony homes, break-down of marriages and terrible parenting. It's like the Truman Show of Divorcees at this point. By the way, did Sheree ever get that 7 figure settlement that she said was her due? Probably not. As for NeNe and Greg and their marital woes, she'll be lucky to get 7 cents and a drawing of a stick figure from young Bryson. Oh well, she's got a new nose!

Image from WOW Report. They find the greatest stuff over there.

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twunty mcslore said...

blogger won't let me into my posting, oh well. Other than Kandi's singing, this show sucked anyway. Sorry!