Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a Wet Day in Nashville

And I don't mean from the rain. Tears are flowing after 3 turnovers and a Baltimore defense that just would not quit. The hit Ray Lewis put on Ahmard Hall could be heard all the way to Kentucky and the blitzes had Kerry Collins running scared. To top it all off, the Ravens won on a Matt Stover field goal. He is the last player on the team who came over from Cleveland when Art Model broke Browns fans hearts and insured his spot in hell by taking the team to Baltimore.

We shall see after today's Steelers-Chargers match-up, if it is going to be an AFC North championship game. Who do you root for if you're a Browns fan? I would have to say the Steelers. As much as there is a rivalry between the Steelers and the Browns, there is nothing approaching the hate Clevelanders feel for the Ravens.

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