Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mob Wives Season II Trailer

Is Karen a hot mess or what? Girl has yet to meet a cannoli she doesn't like which makes me assume that her strategy for winning fights this year is to sit on people. She is so hated that the producers had to bring a friend of hers on board so she didn't get her teeth kicked in by the other women. Wise on their part. I would hate to see her claim to be a bullying victim, and what a nutjob. People like her are so toxic that just saying hello to them can turn into a ten year war.

As for Drita, she's still the bleepin' queen of my heart. If you're caught in a dark alley with Karen, she's all you need. Your enemies would be bleeding through their ears and she wouldn't have even smeared her lipstick. She's intense, yes, but she possesses a rough kind of beauty and if she were a man, she'd be running things, or at the very least be the number one enforcer. LOVE her.

Renee is lipo-ing and lifting herself into a smaller version of the biggest drama queen evah, and being in the hospital allows her to indulge in all her self-absorbed shenanigans like never before. Girl is going to be driving nurses crazy with her attention sucking crap and banshee wailing, but if you think that's bad, wait until she hears what Junior did. What did Junior do? He ratted out her Dad in exchange for a lighter sentence. Okay, she has my permission to go apeshit, like she needs it.

Last but not least is Carla. Her name is Carla, right? She's a mouse compared to these lions and I have no idea what her story is going to be. Fighting with Renee, maybe? Dunno. I just want to watch Drita kick Karen's ass.

Shit goes down January 1st at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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