Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guess What I Did Today

Here's a hint-
Yeah, I golfed. Don't ask me what I shot because I don't care. It was almost 80 today and that's good enough to convince me that cold weather is gone, though some people only just got the memo.

Seriously, they waited until April to take down their Christmas decorations. Get with it! All the best tacky people already have their giant rabbits in the front yard and trees laden with pastel plastic eggs.
On closer inspection I notice that they have a box of fireworks in the back. Huh? Is that for a Christmas in July party? You know, because we don't get enough Winter weather around here. We like to relive it all year long.
Now I'm going to watch The Masters and pray for Tiger to win. If he does, you can be sure he's back riding the white trash waitresses again. YAY

I almost forgot, Froggy's back! While we were cleaning up the garden this afternoon, we noticed that he crawled out of the pond's intake valve to sun himself on a mossy rock. I bought a little crown for him. I hope he likes it, and when I kiss him he better turn into Prince. PRE- artist formerly known as.

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